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Wednesday 04 December, 2013

Pro Logic: How to Avoid 7 Face Washing Mistakes

Has your skin fallen victim to one of these face wash faux pas? Here’s seven face washing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Monday 18 November, 2013

Pro Logic: Yes, There is a Proper Way to Wash Your Face

Kick your face washing routine into gear with these four easy steps.

Wednesday 06 November, 2013

Pro Logic: Fake a Whiter Smile with Lipstick

Want instantly whiter teeth? Fake teeth whitening by wearing the right lipstick and lip gloss shades.

Monday 26 August, 2013

Pro Logic: Create Relaxed Waves with a Flat Iron

Ever wonder how hairstylists create waves with flat irons? Here’s how…

Sunday 11 August, 2013

Pro Logic: Troy Edwards’ Summertime Skin Tips

Makeup artist Troy Edwards shares his expertise on how to long-wear your summer makeup to the beach. First up: Prepping and protecting your skin for summertime fun.

Wednesday 17 July, 2013

Pro Logic: How to Apply Sunscreen Properly

Find yourself burning despite the fact you applied sunscreen? You may be applying it incorrectly. Here’s five tips on how to avoid sunburn through proper sunscreen application.

Monday 10 June, 2013

Pro Logic: Gym-Proofing Your Hair

You’re hitting the gym, but your hair is taking a major hit in the form of breakage. TRESemmé celebrity stylist John D. shares three tips on how to gym-proof your mane to avoid mangling strands.