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Monday 30 December, 2013

I Link It: Work/Play/Polish & Fear No Beauty & Polished Girlz

When Leslie from Work/Play/Polish invited me to be a part of her holiday blogging for a cause for Polished Girlz, I was on board 100%. Check out the holiday nail art and give back!

Tuesday 29 October, 2013

Beauty Mark: My Nails Walk the Deborah Lippmann Mani-Cam Runway

My nails walk the Deborah Lippmann Mani-Cam runway!

Thursday 24 October, 2013

I Link It: Beauty Experts Share Their Best Hair Care Secrets

I love it when people ask about my best beauty tips. I have a few that I’ve gleaned through beauty professionals, and some that I’ve just made up on my own. So when I was asked by to lend a little expertise in the hair department, I gave them my best tip—and it had […]

Friday 26 July, 2013

I Link It: My Interview with Moxie Reviews

Read all about it! Check out my interview with Moxie Reviews about my Dermelect ME Fearless Beauty nail polish collaboration.

Friday 21 December, 2012

I Link It: 5 Ways to Crown Your Head With Accessories

Why stop at a headband when you can pile on the hair accessories? This season, the trend is to throw on more than one hair bauble, making manes stand out in the best way possible.

Monday 05 November, 2012

I Link It: How to Keep Hair Tools From Becoming Too Hot to Handle

If you’re cranking up the temperature dial on your heat tools to the max, you could be seriously damaging your hair. Sultra’s Omar Lopez shares his tips on how to use blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons to keep your hair as healthy and shiny as possible.

Monday 08 October, 2012

I Link It: 10 Hairs Oils for Every Need

Hair oils are growing up! Lighter formulas that address all different hair needs abound, so which one is best for you?