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Monday 11 June, 2012

Event Space: Mark Blowout Bar

During Fashion Week, I make the long trek to Milk Studios for several of the shows. It’s a hike best done in flats, but you know what? Nobody wears flats during Fashion Week. So as I hustle over there for Mark’s Blowout Bar, I have flashbacks of foot blisters and practically busting my ankles in […]

Friday 01 June, 2012

Pretty P.O.V.: Mark Double Do Shape and Gloss Kit

The Mark Double Do Shape and Gloss Kit swivels and flips its way into my handbag—and into my innovation-loving heart.

How to Fix a Hair Disaster
Wednesday 28 December, 2011

Story Time: How I Fixed My Hair Disaster

Like so many cash-strapped students during their college days, salon visits were simply out of the question for me—but that didn’t mean I didn’t desire beauty indulgences. My god-given mousey brown hair color needed highlights, and I heard from a fellow student that drugstore facial bleach would do just the trick. Yes, facial bleach: That […]