Pro Logic: Troy Edwards’ Summertime Skin Tips Sunday 11 August, 2013


Makeup artist Troy Edwards shares his expertise on how to long-wear your summer makeup to the beach. First up: Prepping and protecting your skin for summertime fun.

We’re in the throes of summer (at least, I am. Are you also experiencing intense heat and mind-blowing humidity, too?), and it’s a hard season for makeup. Heat does crazy things to cosmetics; it can cause them to run, crease and become extremely noticeable. And then throw into the mix summer’s other biggest makeup threat, water activities, and your makeup mastery can be undermined within mere minutes of application.

But you want to go to the beach, and you want to wear some makeup. Have no fear; celebrity makeup artist and Maestro Market expert Troy Edwards has the solutions to your steamy summer makeup slip-ups. In the first of two blog posts, Troy shares his expertise on how to long-wear your summer makeup to the beach. First up: Prepping your skin for summer fun.

1. Foaming Action

Use a foaming cleanser. “This helps to cleanse your skin without it feeling dried-out or too moisturized,” Troy says.

2. Exfoliate Skin

The sun can cause your skin to feel dry and flaky. Remove dead skin with either a granule or enzyme-based exfoliator. “I personally use ones that are made with fruit acids (such as malic or citric acids) because they are much more gentle on my skin!” he says.

3. Use Sunscreen

Without question: Make sure that you’re using sunscreen. “Your skin is more sensitive to the effects of the sun after exfoliation,” he says. (Don’t know how to select a sunscreen? Read: “Pro Logic: How To Select a Sunscreen.”)

4. Skin Refreshers

Use an astringent (for oily skin) or toner (for dry, combination or aging skin); both are “a great way to get rid of excess dirt and oil after being at the beach,” Troy says. Apply using a cotton ball with a circular motion after cleansing you skin. “You’ll be amazed at how much residue is on that cotton ball! Your skin will feel so clean and refreshed afterward,” he says.

5. Go Lightweight

Try a lightweight moisturizer with an SPF. “Leave your more nourishing moisturizer for use at night,” he says. “For those of you who have an oily skin type, try using a serum as your day moisturizer, but make sure you put on your SPF!”

6. Don’t Forget Makeup Remover!

“Makeup remover is one of those steps that women try to skip, and it can be one of the most important!” he exclaims. Troy points to oil-based removers to take off all makeup, followed by foaming cleanser to wash your face—a two-step practice he calls “double cleansing.” “Double cleansing is a technique that is used in Japan and, trust me, it works!” he exclaims.

Stay tuned for Troy’s best makeup tips for summertime beach fun!

Do you have a great summertime skin tip to share? Sound off in the comments!

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