Pro Logic: Olay Demystifies Sun Care and Sunscreen Labels Saturday 09 June, 2012

Olay skin care helps guide you through sunscreen label changes, how to protect your skin from UV rays and why you should care about sun protection in the first place.

Despite the constant threat of thunderstorms in NYC, the sun is shining full-blast right now—which means, if I want to step foot outside, I had better be slathering on some sunscreen. As I discussed, the FDA swooped in to make sun protection lingo clearer and more truthful, and as of this month (June), these guidelines are in play—meaning the sunscreen labels you’re seeing at your local store have changed. Why did this happen? Well, some of the verbiage brands used to use was misleading. The words “waterproof” and “sweatproof” didn’t mean much of anything. If you had to sit and reapply your sun protection after 15 minutes in the water, there’s not much “proofing” going on. There also wasn’t any “blocking” being done because UV rays were still able to penetrate the “sunblock.” No blocking = no more “sunblock” in the sun care vernacular.

As with most anything in life, when we start “streamlining” things that we’ve come to know a certain way, the streamlining takes a bit of good ol’ learning. Skincare company Olay has put together an easy-to-follow UV infographic that will teach you all about SPF guidelines; what to look for on the new sun care labels; why you should care about sun care; and how to go about protecting yourself (I was very surprised to learn that you should apply at least a shot-glass worth of sunscreen to your entire body!).

Read up, and then go out there and enjoy the sunlight—but only if you properly protect your skin!

Olay UV Infographic

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(Infographic courtesy of Olay)




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