Pro Logic: 5 Tips for Keeping Skin Happy in the Winter Tuesday 18 December, 2012

Skin sapped of moisture? Lips cracked and chapped? Adjust your skin care with these five simple tips to help your skin weather the cold weather.

At this very moment, I am nursing a split lip. No, I wasn’t on the receiving end of a face plant (though, when I wear my sky-high platforms, I often fear I will be). Rather, my apartment’s unregulated heating has sapped my lips and skin of pretty much all moisture, and one sad side effect of that for me is frighteningly cracked, chapped lips.

The truth of the matter is: When the weather drops in temperature, we tend to endure a whole spectrum of changes to our skin, including breakouts, dryness, rashes, chapped lips—you name it. So how do we attempt to counter the elements (and our over-heated homes)? According to Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, author of the new book Simple Skincare, Beautiful Skin, treat your skin care like you do your wardrobe: Change it up to reflect the seasons. “I’ve found that people are often in denial that summer is ending and they, thereby, avoid giving their skin the special attention it needs during colder months,” notes Dr. Abdullah. “Changes in air temperature and humidity lead to dull, dry skin, which, in turn, creates inflammation that can lead to a host of additional problems, such as breakouts.”

So, what must we do to ensure our skin retains its beauty throughout the frigid months? Dr. Abdullah shares these top five tips.

Add Moisture to Your Environment: Even if you do have control over your heater (as I do not), you probably crank it up to keep you nice and toasty. Well, doing so doesn’t always bode well for your skin. To keep your skin happy while you warm up, use a cool air humidifier. The lack of humidity in the air causes the skin’s surface to lose moisture quickly and in large amounts, resulting in dryness. A humidifier will maintain proper humidity levels in the house. (I am officially going out to the store to buy one in three, two, one…)

Turn Down the (Water) Temperature: It’s cold outside, so you may be tempted to sink into a scalding-hot bath or shower. But, unfortunately, this can cause over-drying of the skin. Dr. Abdullah recommends limiting the length of time you spend in the shower and to use moderate water temperatures to avoid drying out your skin.

Rub and Scrub: Exfoliation is a necessary step year-round, but it’s especially crucial during the colder months. Exfoliating at least once a day prevents the build-up of dead skin cells and allows your moisturizers to be more effective. Don’t simply relegate exfoliation to your face; make sure to give your entire body a good rub down.

Protect Yourself: Keep up the SPF application. Despite the fact that the sun seemingly hides during the colder seasons, it’s a pretty deceptive star. Daily use of sun protection is still necessary as the sun’s rays remain strong in the winter, no matter how overcast it is outside.

Balms Away: Make the use of lip balm a daily habit. Our lips are more prone to moisture evaporation than the rest of our skin and, thus, tend to be among the first areas of skin to dry out. (I can attest to this!) Avoid licking your lips as this can actually dry out your lips further.

Try incorporating all or some of these tips into your winter skin care habits, and you’ll be well on your way to more beautiful skin!

How do you take care of your skin in the winter? Sound off in the comments!

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