Pretty P.O.V.: Eucerin Professional Repair and Smoothing Repair Tuesday 20 March, 2012

The launch of Eucerin Professional Repair and relaunch of Smoothing Repair get me all nostalgic over my childhood connection with the brand’s Original Moisturizing Lotion.

When I was a kid, I had what one might call an “ugly duckling stage.” No, not like what models annoyingly refer to when they’re trying to apologize for their unparallelled beauty: I wasn’t tall and gangly, destined to be tall and gangly and extremely photogenic later in life. My ugly duckling stage consisted of braces—a rite of passage for most youngsters, and one that I insisted on highlighting to stupid effect by wearing color rubber bands (do you know what I am referring to? See here)—and a pair of thick glasses made in the preferred styling of one Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls. I wish I was telling you this in jest, but I do not kid.

I also was afflicted with eczema, which certainly didn’t help me any in the growing pains department. But more than being unsightly, eczema hurt. I scratched without thinking, blistering my skin and causing it to bleed. And when I drifted into my…ahem…beauty sleep, I didn’t get a reprieve from the trauma; I scratched in my sleep! It got to the point where I wore mittens on my hands at bedtime. Yes, I was that cool. (Take that, models!)

Even though I tried to hide it, my mom eventually found out and took me to the doctor, who sent me to the dermatologist. And do you know what he told me to use? Eucerin. Yes, that extremely handy over-the-counter lotion that anyone can get without a doc’s scrip. And once I used it, my suffering eventually subsided, until one day, I simply didn’t have eczema anymore. Now I’m not saying Eucerin cured me of the eczema—I mostly likely grew out of it—but Eucerin certainly allowed my skin to start the healing process. It stopped me from scratching, which I hadn’t been able to do on my own; it paved the way to allowing me to have better skin—and for that, I was eternally grateful.

I’ve been a Eucerin user ever since, though I did switch formulas. Now I use Calming Creme Daily Moisturizer to alleviate any inklings of itchiness that I may experience. (I swear to you: If my eczema comes back, I will slap it in its face.) And when I attended the launch event for Eucerin Professional Repair Extremely Dry Skin Lotion and re-formulated Smoothing Repair Dry Skin Lotion, I acted like the devotee that I am: I probably retold my story about my childhood skin angst about 12 times—pretty much I told it to everyone with two ears. I even admitted to the fact that I can still conjure up Eucerin’s scent in my mind—even though it is fragrance-free, it does have a scent.

 Eucerin Professional Repair

And I am pleased to say that the newest editions to the Eucerin family certainly warrant the same kind of adulation that I had for the Original Moisturizing Lotion I used all those years ago. In fact, I quite fancy these two more. Here’s why: Though the Original cut the itch from my skin, it left behind a greasy layer (which I also admitted to the fine people of Eucerin; sometimes I have no filter). With Professional Repair and Smoothing Repair, skin feels exceedingly hydrated without any unwanted slick. In fact, after applying it, the lotion is instantly absorbed, yet skin feels refreshed and soft.

 Eucerin Smoothing Repair

Naturally, there’s a ton of science behind these two lotions: They both contain Gluco-Glycerol to improve the moisture supply to the stratum corneum (which is fancy speak for: the outermost layer of your skin), as well as ceramide-3 to increase your barrier function and reduce water loss. The new Professional Repair also includes 10% urea—the highest concentration you can get without a prescription—to help heal severely dry, scaly skin.

At the event I had the pleasure of meeting members of Eucerin’s Skin First Council, which seeks to further educate consumers on healthy skincare solutions, and got a nugget of fascinating skincare info that I didn’t know, but most certainly should have known, and that I’m betting you may not know too: Alexandra Kowcz, VP of R&D for Eucerin, told me that the best time to moisturize skin is within 30 seconds of showering—while your skin is still damp. “You don’t want to towel-dry your skin like you would traditionally think,” she shared. “You just want to pat dry so that some of the moisture is still there.” Then, race to put on that moisturizer in under 30 seconds—though she allows you could go up to 3 minutes if you are, like me, way too slow to do anything in 30 seconds.

Eurcerin Professional Repair and Smoothing Repair are available at drugstores nationwide this month. And Eucerin invites you to converse with them about all things skin on their Facebook page. You may just see me spreading some of my love there as well.

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