Note To Self: Wear Sunscreen on Your Lips, Too Tuesday 06 August, 2013


What idiotic thing did I do this time? I forgot to shield my lips from the blazing sun, that’s what. And then I paid the price.

Note to Self” is a new blog category I’ll be posting from time to time that recounts the idiotic things I engage in in both beauty and life—because, truth be told, I do idiotic things often enough to have a dedicated section of a blog on it. First up: Wear Sunscreen on Your Lips, Too.

On a recent mini-vacation to Rhode Island, I applied sunscreen on my face—thoroughly, I thought. I coated my ears, my neck, the back of my neck, my eyelids. You know, I’ve written enough blogs on sunscreen, understanding SPF and proper sunscreen usage that you’d think I’d have this whole technique down pat. But I don’t. I am forgetful…very forgetful. In fact, while this particular note to myself is about my lips—which I didn’t put ANY sunscreen on, and therefore endured a blistering round of…blisters…and then an embarrassing few days of intense peeling—I also regrettably didn’t push my sunscreen application up into my hairline. Guess who had sheets of dead skin literally showering down from her hair? This girl. Yeah. Gross.

But, back to my lips: I forgot to put on sunscreen, and I paid the price. Luckily, I still have one of the best products I’ve discovered, bar none, in my medicine cabinet: FixMySkin Healing Balm. It’s 1% hydrocortisone formula made my chapped, peeling lips way more bearable and healed them in record time. Whereas this type of sun-scorching usually costs me a good two weeks of horrid-looking lips, I put FixMySkin on devotedly each night before I went to sleep and found my lips healed in less than a week. And I kid you not: When I awoke each day after applying the balm before bed, the stuff was still on my lips. Sort of strange…but also awesome.

So, note to self: Don’t forget your lips when you’re applying sunscreen. OK. Noted.

Do you have an SPF lip balm you like to wear in the sun? Please leave recommendations in the comments!

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