I Link It: Which At-Home Hair Removal Is Right For You? Thursday 03 May, 2012

Shaving, waxing, epilation, depilation: Are you using the at-home hair removal method that is right for you? I’ll give you a hint who isn’t…me.

Summer: I have a love-hate relationship with the season. I dig the sun, the beach, the warmth, the sun (again). I loathe the baring skin. Why? Because shaving hates me. Razors are my sworn enemy. All of the Fusions, Mach3s, triple-blades, quadro-blades, fancy-pants moisturizing strips don’t mean a thing to my legs. When I plop down the cash for new razor heads (and it’s a lot of cash—I silently swear every time I hand over the money), I’m thinking, “Well, this is going to end badly.” No matter if the razor is sharp, shiny and new, or a little worn, my skin flares up like nobody’s business Every. Single. Time. The best way to describe it: Intense burning that then segues into itchiness that sometimes boomerangs back to burning—and this can last for hours, which takes a great deal of self-control on my end (no scratching!). In a word: SUCK-Y. During the fall and winter months, I can run avoidance, swearing off shaving for a few weeks at a time. (I know: Gross.) But come spring and summer, there’s no getting around it. I must shave.

I did find a savior: Tend Skin Liquid. A friend recommended it when I explained my shaving-aversion, and, I have to say, it helps immensely. Immediately after shaving, I wet a cotton pad with the liquid, and run it over my legs. Have you ever poured hydrogen peroxide into an open wound? You know that sizzling, searing pain? Yeah—that’s what this feels like to me. BUT! It lasts a split second and then, poof! The burn-itch crisis is foiled—completely. But my legs still look a little worse for wear (red bumps and the like)…I just think, perhaps, shaving is not for me.

And yet I continue to do it! I have only explored one other at-home hair removal option, depilatory creams, and that wasn’t my cup of tea either! And then I started researching a story I wrote for Makeup.com, Which At-Home Hair Removal Is Right For You? After looking at all the options, I’m starting to think epilators, which seem so—I dunno—antiquated, might be my hair-removal buddies. I haven’t tried out epilation yet—but when I do, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, read Which At-Home Hair Removal Is Right For You? If you are suffering through a hair-removal process like I am, maybe it’s just not that into you—and vice versa. Maybe, just maybe, you need to try something new.

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