Trend Bender: Movie-Inspired Nail Polish Collections Tuesday 03 April, 2012

The love affair between nail polishes and movies continue, with the newest unions forged between OPI and The Amazing Spider-Man and Orly and Dark Shadows.

A marriage between nail polish and movies: Who woulda thunk it? Seriously—a few years ago, such unions didn’t exist. But now, polishes forged in the likeness (or at least inspired by) movies are the “it” thing. Case in point: When China Glaze’s Colours from the Capitol collection was leaked online, every mani-lover went nutso. As we all have become increasingly aware of over the last few weeks, there’s a large section of the population that is absolutely mad for The Hunger Games books, and this nail polish collection, which launched this month to coincide with the movie release, gave THG fans a little something extra to foam at the mouth over. The collection features 12 earthy hues, most of which are shimmers or glitters. Not surprisingly, I’m partial to the glitters.
 China Glaze Colours from the Capitol
Hot on the Colours from the Capitol release are two more cinema-varnish unions: OPI is spinning a lacquer-drenched web with The Amazing Spider-Man and Orly is getting vampire-y with the Tim Burton-helmed Dark Shadows.
 Orly Dark Shadows Polishes
First up: Orly’s Dark Shadows collection, which features four polishes with names that reflect the dark humor of this Gothic soap-opera revival: purple duo-chrome Mysterious Curse, brown shimmer Buried Alive, deep red Grave Mistake and pale pink Decades of Dysfunction. If you haven’t heard of the original Dark Shadows soap on which the movie is based,  you’re probably not alone. The show aired from 1966-1971, and you could rightly say it was one of the precursors for current TV series centered around vampires, werewolves and witches. (And, as I type this, I realize there is a show about every single one of these.) To coincide with the launch, Orly is running a Dark Shadows sweepstakes on its Facebook page April 1 through May 12, 2012; the winner will receive a private screening at a movie theater near his/her home for up to 50 guests. Party!
 OPI The Amazing Spider-Man Polishes
OPI’s limited edition The Amazing Spider-Man launches two months before the July release of the 3-D movie; maybe moviegoers will break out the polish for the big event. I have to say, despite my disdain for shatter/crackle polishes, this collection churns out the coolest-looking Shatter lacquer I’ve seen: Shatter the Scales, a shimmering emerald green with a purple luminescence. Five additional polishes round out the group, including midnight blue Into the Night, white My Boyfriend Scales Walls and yellowy green Just Spotted the Lizard. I’m thinking a base of Just Spotted the Lizard with a coat of Shatter the Scales over top will look mighty nice…

Orly’s Dark Shadows will be available starting in May at, Sally Beauty and Ulta; OPI’s The Amazing Spider-Man drops the same month at Ulta, JCPenny and others.

The big question is: Will you be watching these movies while wearing their colors?

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  • Danielle says:

    For awhile now, I’ve been wearing a fiery combo of China Glaze’s Riveting, followed by Electrify.

    I was just given the OPI Spiderman collection before reading this, and my next thought was to do exactly what you said! Just Spotted the Lizard + Shatter the Scales!

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