Story Time: You Can Find Nail Art Inspiration Anywhere Monday 19 August, 2013


When it comes to nail art, you can find inspiration anywhere—even in a pillow!

All the way, way, way back in 2001, I came up with an idea for one of the magazines I work on (Nailpro): Why not have a column (aptly named “Polished Look“) that asks a talented manicurist to create nail art based off of a fashion runway trend? At the time, it was totally novel; nobody had done it. But now nail art blogs teem with the stuff—and what was once novel is now de rigueur. These days it’s completely common to look at the runways for inspiration when it comes to creating nail art. (In fact, if you want to be amazed, blogger Chelsea King does a bang-up job of translating runway looks to nail art—especially with this Mara Hoffman-inspired look.

But what about seeking inspiration elsewhere? Catwalks are so expected (not to sound jaded or anything). I would say the other mani art go-to is nature (flowers, plants, sky, clouds, water…the list of Earth’s beauty is endless). Throw in some pop culture (yes, I’ve seen the Breaking Bad-inspired nail art, and I find it totally….AWESOME), and you’ve got yourself so much to be inspired by.

But there’s so much more out there…


Take, for instance, this Jonathan Adler pillow. I have a mild case of fan girl-itis with Jonathan Adler. (Oh, who am I kidding? I eat, drink, sleep and dream for his designs. I can’t walk by his store without peering in the window, lost in a daydream about how my future home will be fully outfitted in his best rugs and cat tchotchkes. A girl’s gotta have dreams, right?)

Anyway, I saw this pillow and thought: That just might make a great manicure.


So I paid a visit to Miss Pop, a nail artist on the rise, and said: “Let’s do this.” To which she responded: “No doubt.”


The reason I chose this particular pillow over Jonathan Adler’s other designs is because it felt more…unique. The starburst thing’s been done; waves and chevrons are nail art go-tos. These little “Y” shapes seem fresh…unexpected. And the color scheme also rang a little bit more outré to me—and I’m all about having no fear when it comes to wearing chocolate brown with bright and funky hues. (Yes, there’s some brown in there!)


I love the finished look as much as I love Jonathan Adler prints. Finding a pillow and turning it into nail art: Truly, you can find inspiration anywhere.


(Me and Miss Pop with my Jonathan Adler mani)

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever sourced as inspiration for your nail art? Sound off in the comments!

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