Story Time: Fear No Beauty Creating Spring 2013 Dermelect ME Polish Collection Wednesday 05 September, 2012

Let the color-scouting begin! Fear No Beauty (me!) is helping develop the Spring 2013 nail polish collection for Dermelect!

I’ve teased it on Twitter, but now I’m just going to go ahead and post it: Dermelect ME, a new color nail polish line that doubles as a treatment, has asked me to develop the Spring 2013 collection of hues! I received the call from Dermelect’s freshly minted celebrity tech Elle Gersteinthe Elle, who is the long-time manicurist to Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively, and a great supporter of Fear No Beauty and me.

Many moons ago, I documented Elle’s development of another company’s polish line, and I helped her name some of the polishes (I don’t remember the names; pretty sad, right? I’ll have to dig up that info for my memories). She had been impressed with my attention to hues, and my personal ability to have the foresight to know what will be hot in coming seasons. And, it didn’t hurt that I’m pretty decent at naming things. (I know: Toot own horn much?) Let’s just say: I have my future dog’s three-word name planned out already, and when I told my hubby, he was on board, no questions asked and no protestations given forth.

So Elle thought of me, and I am extremely flattered, excited and…nervous! But more excited and flattered…

After talking with Elle, I’ll be scouting the big trends at New York Fashion Week (starting today…gulp!), and picking what I deem to not only be on-trend for Spring 2013, but also representative of my special brand of beauty: the fearless kind. The collection is a trio of colors, and I can’t wait to have them brought to fruition…and to share them with you!

 Elle and Karie Frost Nailpro Cover

(Elle and I also worked together many moons ago on a photo shoot for industry nail mag, Nailpro. Here’s a long-lost shot!)

Now, a little bit about Dermelect Cosmeceuticals: The brand has long been known for anti-aging skin care for hands and feet, and brought their expertise to digits in the form of nail treatments. To this day, I use Makeover, a ridge-filler that has an iridescent beige tone that veils the nail in the type of color that can brighten what god gave you and diminish any discoloration you may have from overzealous polishing without a base coat (we’re all guilty). The treatments all contain a protein-peptide called ProSina, which is derived from New Zealand sheep’s wool. What does it do? Strengthens nails by improving natural flexibility—a key to keeping nails from becoming brittle, breaking and chipping. And now Dermelect decided to take that technology and it infuse it into a color line, which bowed in June 2012 with six hues, and is introducing three Resort hues (one is seen above, All The Envy, a bright pearl chartreuse) this November.

When I first received Dermelect samples last spring, I was pleasantly surprised at the pigment payoff; one coat lays down a good amount of color. (Two coats are recommended.) I tweeted about it—an unsolicited tweet to simply share something amazing that I had discovered that I feel really has a cool future in the nail game. And now here we are!

I am so excited for this venture! And I can’t help thinking: Will JLo wear my polish colors?

Keep an eye out for the Spring 2013 Dermelect ME collection, my fearless beauties! And visit to learn more about the existing line.

Karie L. Frost Signature

(Model shot: Sonja Pacho for Nailpro)


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