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Dashing Diva’s new ColorFX in-salon service looks to provide a gentler option to gels while still offering a long-lasting manicure—minus the acetone soak-off. Celebrity nail tech Pattie Yankee tells me all about this cool new mani service.

I adore gel manicures. That long-lasting, chip-free, high-shine color just can’t be duplicated with regular polish and top coat. And while they may not be the best thing ever for your nails—application methods for some brands can involve “roughing up” the nail first with a file (to help the gel adhere better—but this ain’t so good for the natural nails); soaking off the gel in acetone isn’t exactly kosher (it dries out nails like the dickens); and if you decide not to properly soak off and you pick or peel them off instead, you can cause your own nails to peel (not advised)—they’re just so darn addictive. There’s plenty of debate about them being “unsafe” (I don’t agree with this one bit), but truthfully, those little negative bits I just listed aren’t unsafe—but they are enough to drive away natural nail purists.

 ColorFX Decals

(An up-close look at the new Dashing Diva CoverFX nail adhesives)

Perhaps some of these negative bits can be kicked to the curb? That’s what Dashing Diva is exploring with its newly launched ColorFX line. These cool numbers work like a nail decal; either available in single color (like a polish) or with a cool texture (like the one I tried), the decals are adhered to the natural nail bed and then sealed with a layer of gel. What’s so special about that? Sandwiched between the color/texture and your nail bed is a clear layer (the adhesive). “This clear portion covers the nail plate so you don’t have to soak off the gel using acetone,” says celeb tech Pattie Yankee, who worked with Dashing Diva on the line. “It creates this protective barrier over the natural nail.” Instead, you remove the decal and gel by flooding the cuticle area with nail-loving cuticle oil or swiping on a gentle non-acetone polish remover. “I prefer using the remover; it’s quicker,” Pattie divulges to me. “But, if you do use the cuticle oil, what happens is the corners will lift up, and then the ColorFX peels right off.”

 Karie Frost ColorFX Manicure

(Pattie, who works with Katy Perry, told me to do the “Katy Perry” nail pose when showing off my expertly applied ColorFX manicure. I explained this can only be done when someone else is shooting the picture. But it does look better than a single hand…)

Well, this just seems to good too be true—but it is true, because I tried them. The in-salon application was speedy—just 30 minutes—and, as with gels, there was no drying time. I was able to zip off to my next event without any worry of ruining my mani. Pattie did forewarn me that, in order to ensure the longevity of the manicure (the company claims a two-week wear time), I needed to steer clear of lotions and hair potions containing oils because these could cause the ColorFX to peel. (Makes sense: They are removed with oil!)

 Karie Frost and Pattie Yankee

(Me and Pattie at the Dashing Diva NYC ColorFX launch event)

This piece of advice wasn’t lost on me, but being as it’s summer, and I was slapping on the sunscreen constantly on a trip to Cape Cod, one of my nails started to lift at the edge after three days of wear. By day six, that nail, plus another, said sayonara. The rest stayed in place for 10 days, until I decided of my own free will to remove them…with cuticle oil. I flooded my nails with the stuff and, lo and behold, each ColorFX peeled off in a single sheet…just like that. My natural nails showed no sign of wear and tear.

 Dashing Diva ColorFX two ways

Another super-cool feature of ColorFX: Pattie had them designed to have a clear moon at one end. What this does is allow for you to opt for the clear moon (which looks awesome layered over a polish color) or not (by simply using the rounded edge butted up against the cuticle area). Each ColorFX can be trimmed down to size for your nails, giving you the perfect fit.

 Dashing Diva ColorFX Moons

(My attempt at using the clear-moon method over a coat of neon green polish. Not half bad, no?)

ColorFX, which is an in-salon service priced at $40, launched last month with a selection of six neon shades; in the fall and spring, expect to see 48 additional permanent colors and 12 seasonal shades—plus some specialty ones (like mine, from the “Glitter” collection). Seriously: Fall couldn’t come faster. Hurry up, Fall.

Visit in the coming months for more news on this exciting service!

Are you excited by this alternative to traditional soak-off gels?

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