Pro Logic: 8 Ways to Make Your Manicure Last Longer Monday 03 December, 2012

Tired of your manicure chipping and wearing much faster than it should? Try these eight manicure tips for a super-long-lasting nail polish job.

I have absolutely no statistical backing to make this statement, but I’m going to make it anyway: I feel like the holidays are that time of year when women who don’t normally get manicures might indulge in one, or women who typically stick to subtle polish jobs may just switch gears and go a little…wilder. In any case, chances are, these women—my un-conducted study subjects—will be wanting their manicures to last longer. Good thing Valerie Rosenthal, the owner of Robert Stuart Salon in Manhattan, has the goods on how to make this a reality for you. She shares some tips and tricks to extend your mani’s wear.

1. Round Your Corners

The most sensible shape to file the nail would be straight with rounded corners. This way the corners aren’t vulnerable to hard surfaces and the chances of your polish chipping will be minimized.

2. Buff Away

Before you apply your base coast, buff your nail plate. Buffing the nail plate lightly will create a better surface for the polish to adhere to.

3. Limit Your Soaking

If you’re going to soak your nails, know this: Some manicurists believe that soaking the nail diminishes the lasting-ability of the manicure. If soaking is done, make sure your nails are completely dry before applying the base coat.

4. Wash Up

If you decide to apply hand lotion before you polish, make sure you completely remove any residue from your nails using a lint-free pad soaked in either a nail cleanser or nail polish remover.


5. Use a Base Coat and Don’t Rush It

Always apply a base coat (Valerie prefers CND Stickey). For some reason, women tend to skip this vital step. When you apply base coat, be sure to allow time (about 30 seconds) for it to dry before applying your polish.

6. Wait Between Polish Coats

Allow each coat to dry before applying the second coat. This is especially true for thicker, darker colors where the strokes of the brush will show.

7. Top Coat Your Polish Job

Not only does a top coat lay down a lovely layer of color-enhancing gloss, but it also helps resist chips. Valerie loves CND’s Shiney for use on pale or bright hues, or polishes that are thinner in viscosity. (Shiney can be a bit on the thick side). Otherwise, she turns to industry sweetheart, Seche Vite, to cap off dark polish hues or thicker polishes.

8. Tip Your Nails

Don’t put that top coat away just yet. When you apply a coat to each nail, make sure to run the brush over the very tip of your nail, along the edge. This helps “seal” your polish job and will make your manicure last much longer.

Do you have a great long-lasting manicure tip? Sound off in the comments!

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