Pretty Peek: Scotch Naturals WaterColors Spring 2012 Polish Collection Thursday 22 March, 2012

Eco-minded Scotch Naturals WaterColors is debuting a spring collection of polish colors that are incredibly on-trend. Anyone up for punchy pink, vivid yellow and creamy pistachio?

There’s something about the very simple label on Scotch Naturals WaterColors nail polish that made me do a double-take when I first happened upon it. It’s clean, direct, sophisticated. And it should be: Like this label, the polishes’ formulation is clean, direct and sophisticated.

First, Scotch Naturals is water-based and solvent-free, meaning it contains no acetone, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate or toulene (all considered noxious chemicals that, when inhaled, can be potentially harmful). It’s also virtually odorless, which for those with delicate noses is a godsend. And, like a lot of polishes out there, it’s three-free: no toulene, no formaldehyde resin and no dibutyl phthalate. (If you’d like a thorough—and unbiased—rundown on what the big “three” are, visit my friend Michelle Misma’s blog, All Lacquered Up.)

 Scotch Naturals Paisley Martini

With such an eco-minded formulation (the line’s creator, Ginny Cardenas, sought polishes safe enough for her children, and thus Scotch Naturals was born), one might be prone to thinking the polishes won’t be trendsetting. After all, eco often gets lumped with “crunchy” and “granola”—an unfair stereotype, true, but one that seems to stick to the idea of “green beauty.”

 Scotch Naturals Celtic Mix and Lemon Highlander

The newest additions to Scotch Natural’s already hip line of colors, however, surmise what this spring season’s color story is all about: vivid brights and creamy pastels. In particular, Celtic Mix, an opaque pistachio, is a hue women most definitely should be trying out—at least on their toes if they can’t stomach green on their fingernails. And Lemon Highlander, a blinding yellow, is completely on-point with the neons I’m seeing for the warmer months.

But back to that water-based formula: It allows for color to spread evenly and thinly—think less glop and bubbles. But this isn’t at the sacrifice of a high-pigment payoff, which we’re all looking for her in our polishes. Also: You don’t need a polish remover. The lacquer can be removed by simply peeling it off in one fell swoop.

I’m not particularly one to seek out “natural” alternatives; I know enough chemists to have formed my own opinion about parabens and the like (and, in turn, you can form yours). But I think it’s wonderful that alternatives—especially ones that perform—do exist, and Scotch Naturals provides this. And the brand provides it with an array of colors that are completely on-trend. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

Will you be trying out Scotch Naturals?

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