Pretty Peek: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Talks Nails and New Polish Line Wednesday 21 November, 2012

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi opens up about her nails, her favorite salon and her new Snooki Nails by Nicole Polizzi nail polish, nail wraps and nail tips line.

Scooch over GTL; we now have PTW (polish, tips and wraps)!

Never one to shy away from nail art, Jersey Shore alum Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has expanded her growing empire into nail polishes, nail wraps and press-on tips with the launch of Snooki Nails by Nicole Polizzi. “Nails are like an accessory; they’re like jewelry. You need to have your nails done because it makes your outfit look better,” she tells me.

I’ve always been a big fan of “Team Meatball”—the head “meatball” being Nicole. Jersey Shore is a guilty pleasure of mine, not simply because I can, ahem, relate with their club-going ways, but also because I’ve always been endlessly fascinated by the girls’ ever-evolving hair extensions and nail designs.


Speaking of which, I immediately notice Nicole is sporting pointed talons (“my new favorite shape; they’re cat-like”) decked out in her I’m A Gold Mind glitter polish. Where are her large-and-in-charge acrylic extensions?


(Nicole tweeted a pic of her nails before the event; digging that she did the silver accent nail!)

“These are my natural nails. I’ve always had strong and long natural nails, and they’ve always grown fast,” she confides. “But, when I was pregnant [with her baby, Lorenzo] I took prenatal pills, and they really grew out.” Hence, she’s ditched the acrylics…at least for the time being. And that pointed shape? “I feel it’s the new thing to do—this pointy cat shape. I needed a change, but I also like to change my look up a bit. I like to look different,” she says.


(The holiday “All That Glitters” set contains Fireball, Party’s Here and I’m a Gold Mind.)

When it comes to her glitter polish, Nicole happily admits, “You can never go wrong with glitter. I love bling, so my favorite polishes in the line are the three-piece ‘All That Glitters’ holiday set.”

Being that I’m in the presence of someone who clearly knows nails, I start my “girl talk” about my undying love of glitter polish despite it’s flaws. “But glitters are hard to remove! I love them too, but…they’re so hard!” I sputter.

Nicole nods, but swears you “don’t need a saw to get this one off. It’s not chunky.” As if to prove her point, she urges me to touch her nails. I do, hesitantly. The top is smooth; there’s no texture. Texture is typically a sure-fire sign that you’ll be putting a bit of elbow grease into the removal process (and swearing while you do). I’m intrigued.


In addition to “bling-bling” polishes, her line includes neons like Smush That (“Nice name,” I say; she smiles demurely), Purple Poof and Orange You Tan (“you know, because people are always saying I’m orange”); a scented Snookilicious Topcoat (“I reapply it all the time just to smell it”); two different nail wraps in 3D Leopard Print and Zebra Print; and press-on tips with 3D bows. “If you have no time to go to the salon, you can just pop these tips on and go. No big deal!” she exclaims.

On the topic of salons, I’m convinced Nicole must have a favorite. “I go to Nail Show in Jersey; I love them there. I go to my same girl every time,” she confirms. Spoken like a true nail addict.

So how about it? PTW, anyone?

The new Snooki Nails by Nicole Polizzi line, plus her newest scent, Snooki Couture, are available at (P.S. Perfumania will donate $1 to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy for every new Twitter follower and Facebook “Like.” Like them on Facebook; follow them at @snookiscents.)

What do you think? Would you wear Snooki’s nail polishes?

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