Pretty Peek: Knocked Up Nails Wednesday 11 April, 2012

A new “four-free” nail polish line, Knocked Up Nails, corners the mom-to-be market with polish names like One Glass a Week and O-Blue-GYN. I know what I’ll be bringing to future baby showers.

I just found out yesterday that one of my old college mates has a bun in the oven; my best friend gave birth to her second sweetum a few weeks ago; and I’m gearing up for another dear friend’s baby shower in two weeks. Baby-making was clearly in the air this past year—everywhere I turn, there’s a bump watch underway. I had been talking beauty with my friend, Marlene—the one who’s baby shower is just around the corner—and she told me she had made the switch to more natural, eco-friendly beauty items because she’s now with child. So, when I was forwarded an email about Knocked Up Nails, the brand-spanking-new nail polish line made with mommies-to-be in mind, I thought: Well, Marlene will like this. Then, I read the beyond-witty polish names, and I realized this lacquer line has a hit on its hands. Here are a few of the mummy moniker-named colors that will surely be hot-ticket items for the pregnant set:

* One Glass a Week, which clearly is a wine hue, and clearly is the rule that I would live by if I were pregnant

* O-Blue-GYN, an electric blue perfect for wearing while your ankles are in those pelvic exam stirrups (gulp)

* I Earned a Little Blue Box, the same Tiffany blue hue as that perfect push present you’ve been hinting at since week four of your pregnancy (don’t worry; he’ll get your what you want—you’ll see)

* 18K Gold Crown(ing), an antique gold (I am cringing at the “crowning” part, so I’ll just leave it at that)

* Craving a Creamsicle, a creamy tangerine named after the popsicle I crave all the time anyway, but I’m sure is much tastier when you’re pregnant

The polishes are formulated with safety in mind, meaning they are free of toulene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. And, though the line is unequivocally marketed toward those with baby bumps, Knocked Up Nails cites that its natural-leaning products are the perfect polishers for allergy sufferers, cancer patients and little ones as well.

So, do you have any preggo ladies in your life you’re looking to gift? Look no further!

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