Pretty P.O.V.: Pure Ice Vinyl Remix Friday 23 March, 2012

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix spins the whole crackle nail art trend in a fully customizable way—even I, who can’t “shatter” for the life of me, am fully capable of creating a rad nail art design.

Nail innovation is blowing up right now…I feel like I can hardly keep up. The newest kid on the innovation block is Pure Ice Vinyl Remix. So, we all know “crackle/shatter” polishes: You apply a base polish color, and then you apply your “crackle/shatter” over top, and it “crackles/shatters” however it likes ,revealing the color beneath in what should be a very cool pattern. Personally, I stink at it. Every time I tried it, I failed miserably. Which is pretty freaking sad, considering I am surrounded by nail products and pros, and should surely be able to master something that hypothetically takes no skill. But, alas, I couldn’t make my nails “crackle/shatter” in any sort of admirable way. (Stephanie Yaggy, who happens to be the executive editor of Nailpro, is a champ at this. She can “crackle/shatter” like a pro.)

 Pure Ice Vinyl Remix Platinum Magic Base Coat

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix takes the idea of “crackling/shattering” a step further—a customized step further. Let me explain how it works: First, you apply what is called the Platinum Magic Base Coat. This is a stark-white polish that you must use to actually see the effect. It is magic, indeed—the secret sauce, if you will.

Then, you choose your Vinyl Remix color. There are six in total: DJ Spinner (green), Glam Rock (pink), Vintage Remix (purple), Rave (orange), Rock Star (blue) and Emcee Me (yellow). (Quick side story that my husband probably never wants me to tell: Once upon a time, I wanted to be a DJ. My husband bought me turntables, and I spent countless weekends—and greenbacks—accumulating vinyl. Guess what happened to my turntables? They were used more by my two cats—as cat-nap pads. Turns out spinning tunes is HARD and takes tons and tons of practice. But don’t you think DJ Karie Frost would have been a hot DJ name? Sigh.)

 Pure Ice Vinyl Remix How To

Anyway, you choose your Vinyl Remix color. All of the shades appear black in the bottle, but trust me: They have color. The black becomes the contrast crackle; the color becomes the “revealed” color. For my design that I am creating in this post, I chose Emcee Me as my smallest half circle (I forgot to take a pic of this step; sorry!); I then followed this half circle with a crescent of Rock Star; and then another crescent of Rave.

The magic is in how you apply your color: However you move or swish your brush, the crackle pattern will form. Want a straight line of crackles? Paint a straight line. Want a zigzag? Zig and zag that brush! How you do your brush stroke determines your design—so you have control.

 Finished Nails Pure Ice Vinyl Remix

I found that the thicker you apply the color, the more high-contrast your crackle will be (meaning: the black is darker and larger). A thin coat, which I find really cool-looking, creates less contrast and much finer crackles. If you mix and match your intensity, you end up with a rad design.

The Vinyl Remix polishes dry matte. You can certainly leave your finish matte, but if you truly want to amp up the color and contrast, a high-gloss top coat is key.

These images are my first time using this product by myself, and I can proudly say: I did good. I didn’t fail. It was easy. I am a champ. A Vinyl Remix champ. (Still not a DJ, but a Vinyl Remix champ is still good, no?)

Each Pure Ice Vinyl Remix comes with the Platinum Magic Base Coat, one Vinyl Remix color and a little record-shaped nail file, all for $6.49. They’ll be available at Walmart April 12, and online design tutorials will be up and running at

So what do you think? Are you ready to spin some sick designs on your nails with Vinyl Remix?

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