Pretty P.O.V.: LCN Polish Seal Wednesday 06 June, 2012

Hard on your manicures? One coat of light-curing LCN Polish Seal will help you get the longevity you’ve always wanted from your nail polish or adhesives—and all you have to do is cure it under a 60-watt light bulb!

When you’re as “handsy” as I am, nail polish and nail adhesives don’t stand much of a chance. I tend to use my hands—or, specifically, my nails—for a lot of dirty work. Rather than pop the tab on a can of cat food with a spoon, I’ll use my fragile nails. Rather than scratch the protective layer off an iTunes card with a quarter—as any normal person would—I’ll sit there scraping it with my nails. I tend to scratch mindlessly—even in my sleep. I’m always etching away at something, and because of this, my nail designs ultimately meet their ruin at an accelerated pace. A shame, really, because I love decorating my nails.

Recently, I tested out some new nail adhesives (not to be disclosed just yet), and they were doubly doomed from the get-go. As a last-minute I-need-to-cover-up-my-nasty-natural-nails decision, I put on the adhesives about five minutes before going to meet a friend, and in my haste, ripped a few at my free edge. If you’ve tried nail adhesives, a small tear at your nail’s edge can spell the end of longevity; the adhesive will peel quickly. And, well, I’m “handsy.” So we were off to a rough start.

 LCN Polish Seal Light Curing Top Coat

But I wasn’t ready to let my glam nail designs die a sudden death, so I turned to LCN Polish Seal. This nifty top coat actually light-cures to a hyper-glossy, strong and, more importantly, long-wearing finish. Now, I know you may be thinking: But I don’t have a UV lamp in my house, Karie. Isn’t that how you cure gels? Well, first things first: This is not a gel. (And for all of you out there who have concern about ingredients, Polish Seal is free of toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and parabens.) Second: Though it is certainly true that Polish Seal can be cured quickly under a UV lamp (three minutes flat), it can also be “watt-cured” under a minimum 60-Watt light bulb (around four to five minutes).

Now, before you start picturing how silly you’ll look holding your nails up to your favorite Pottery Barn floor lamp, you should know: LCN recommends using a table lamp that sits low—8 to 12 inches—to the surface you’re balancing your hands on (I assume a table), and keeping your hands flat so that your nails get an even cure. If you’re dying to shove your nails up to the bulb of your floor lamp, just be forewarned: You could burn yourself. So. Don’t.

With Polish Seal, my manicure lasted another 10 days before I decided—on my terms, not because of chips or wear—that I wanted to change my design. And guess what? Unlike with gels, which can feel like a commitment because of the lengths to which you have to go to remove them, you can easily remove Polish Seal with a non-acetone polish remover. Score!

What I love: Polish Seal’s gloss intensifies any glittery details in your nail art; it can virtually turn any nail polish into a long-wearing mani; and it adds a layer of strength to nails—just what all of us “handsy” girls need!

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  • Chrisoula Sarganis says:

    There is no way your manicure lasted 10 days I’ve tried this product several different times with different brands and I can’t get past day 3.

    Easy to cure, easy to remove, looks good at first BUT this doesn’t last 🙁

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