Pretty P.O.V.: Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish Monday 14 January, 2013

What makes Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish at-home gel system special? The fact that it removes so easily, you’ll swear you’re wearing nail polish. Big ups!

I am no stranger to at-home gels. And my thoughts on the matter are pretty clear: At-home gels are for a certain type of person. Mainly, someone who has patience. You see, at-home gels can not be rushed. You need to apply them thin because it’s in their nature to apply thick. You need to light-cure them, as you would at the salon, and you must, must, must properly prep your nails (remove any surface oils; softly buff the nail bed) before application. Base and top gels can’t be skipped. The several steps that you may overlook at the salon (because, hey, you’re not the one doing them) you must do at home. And then, when your two-week’s wear is up, you need to properly remove them. And that, my friends, can be a royal pain. So patience—it’s not only a virtue, but it’s a necessity for at-home gels.

(Side note: I’m not knocking at-home gels. On the contrary: I think they’re rather ingenious. But…just know what you’re getting into. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the at-home gel.)


(Fifteen gel colors in all, but the Starter Kit comes with “Lush,” a classic red.)

When Kiss Products invites me to the unveiling of its version of the at-home gel, Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish, I’m all ears to what makes it special. No. 1: The system is affordable. At-home gels can cost a pretty penny, yet Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish Color Gel Starter Kit is a cool $49.99 (this includes the requisite LED Lamp, as well as Base Gel, one Color Gel, Top Gel, lint-free wipes, Prep & Cleanse Gel Cleanser, a buffing block, manicure block, manicure stick, mini file and how-to booklet…wew!). No. 2: The Base Gel has a built-in Gel Primer, meaning you can skip a step (typically, you apply primer before base gel to help with adhesion). No. 3: The removal process is so speedy, it’s unbelievable.


(The event was held at Sprinkles Cupcakes, and I am not ashamed to say I ate two red velvet cupcakes…not at the event, but afterward. Yum.)

Let’s focus on the removal, because that truly is the element of at-home gels that can stymy a user. Kiss has it’s All or One Artificial Nail Remover (sold separately), a cylinder containing both a tiny hole lined with remover-soaked sponges (meant for one finger) and an arced section filled with remover and edged in flexible plastic teeth. If you “scrub” your nails against the teeth, the idea is that they’ll help to loosen up your gel for easier removal. A week after I had my gels applied at the Kiss event, I plunged them into this cylinder and hoped for the best. I’m impatient, so I checked on my nails after three minutes of soaking and scrubbing. Guess what? My orangewood stick scraped the residual gel right off! I did one more dunk for another minute or two, and presto-chango! The gel was so easy to slough off that I was in shock. That’s a total of 5 minutes removal time, tops. Typically, removal purports to be as little as 10 minutes, but can sometimes take a half hour. Five minutes is like a clock-watcher’s dream.


(My finished manicure, wearing Sweet Everlasting Gel Polish and Peignoir Nail Dress stickers.)

Why did this happen? Because the Base Gel is formulated to release easier. While this is a definite positive, I found it to have one slight downside: Two of my nails began to lift slightly at the corners (but only after five days’ wear, which I think is a small price to pay—especially when you’re as rough on your nails as I am).

As far as application, it’s as easy as the next and doesn’t include a primer, so you actually have one less step. As for colors (each is sold separately for $9.99), I was immediately drawn to three of the 15 offered: Galaxy, a sparkling chrome; Juicy, a vibrant coral; and, my personal favorite (shown), Sweet, a blue-based green that looks so creamy and glossy, you just want to lick it. (Is that gross?)


(Celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards and I show off our nails!)

At the event, I opted to bling-out my Sweet-gelled nails with some of Kiss’ new textured Nail Dress stickers (I chose Peignoir, a clear wrap with geometric bubbles of vibrant color) and some rather large, speckled jelly dots (which I now know aren’t really meant for everyday wear—trust me). The end result: sugary beauty at my fingertips!

Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish starter kits and individual components can be found Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Rite Aid and Kmart. Visit to find a location near you.

Have you tried at-home gels? What do you think of my Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish manicure? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Ema says:

    I purchased a pink color and when I applied it was nothing like the color of the bottle. I understand that the color is not the same but in this case the color is totally off. My first time purchasing a kiss color gel and I don’t think I will purchase this bran anymore 🙁

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