Pretty P.O.V.: Halloween Nails with Incoco, Impress and Kiss Nail Dress Saturday 26 October, 2013


Looking to put the eerie into your manicure, but you’re not exactly wanting to go full-on gross-out? Never fear (or do fear?): These three Halloween nail wrap designs from Incoco, Impress and Kiss Nail Dress are certain to fashionably frighten!

Let it be known that, though I am a pretty decent drawer, I am in no way, shape or form great with a nail art brush. I’ve tried. I mean, I know it takes practice to straighten out your lines, to steady your hand, to figure out how to maneuver that tiny curved canvas. But, man! It’s hard. And that’s why you have to give props to the people who are so darn proficient with nail art. I look at Instagram daily, and I am in awe of all the talent out there.

Naturally, since it’s Halloween time, nail art has taken on a spooky element. And, naturally, I want to be in on the fun. But I can’t create those broken-skeleton designs (though, with these step-by-steps by Fleury Rose, I can do vampire fangs). So, I’m turning to ready-made Halloween nail wraps and press-ons to get my spook on.

I chose three designs to highlight—and I’m not taking my choices lightly. See, Halloween nail art can be…how do I say it? Too ghoulish (witness the many decaying “zombie” manicures). Or super silly (I wouldn’t sport a Frankenstein portrait on my middle finger—but that’s just me; to each her own). I want Halloween nail art that is…fashionable. Cool-looking. Chic. Is that possible? I say, hell yes it is with these three picks.


Kiss Nail Dress in Ghouls

Let me count the reasons as to why these are absolutely the coolest kids on the Trick-or-Treating block: First, they have the cutest little vampire fangs. Second, they brandish 3-D blood spatters that look like jewels rather than ketchup. And third, they do the whole blood dripping design as a fade-in, fade-out French. They are, without a doubt, the nail art to sport if you’re looking to mix a tiny bit of kitsch into your chic Halloween manicure. Priced at $6, they’re a scary steal. (You can find them at Walmart stores.) Even though I’m pretty much decided on the fact I’m going to dress up as a kitty cat, I may wear these to celebrate my more sinister side. Why not? Hasn’t it been proven that cats are natural-born killers just for the thrill of it? So blood-drenched claws may be just the right touch!


Broadway Nails Impress Press-On Manicure in Monster Bash

I have to admit: These have me feeling nostalgic for a (pretty awful) photo shoot I did eons ago. It was Halloween-themed; I had come up with the idea of incorporating zippers on the skin and nails. Needless to say: These feature that same idea—but much cooler. They may not scream “Halloween!”, but I think they add just enough eye candy to your nails if you’re looking for something that isn’t bloody or vampy or filled with bones and spiderwebs. Priced at $7, you can find them at Walmart and Target stores.


Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués in Fright Night

Let’s start with the fact that these are 100% nail polish, so you’re looking at something that won’t snag or peel. Now that we have that out of the way: Aren’t these amazingly cool and subtle? The glittering orange sky offset by a black cemetery-scape at the cuticle—love. Looking closely at that cemetery, by the way, you’ll see hands breaking through the ground and grasping at the air; tombstones; spooky houses; and, of course, several bats. From afar, these nail designs just look like a cool glitter gradient. Up close: They’re fashionably frightening. Priced at $8.99, you can purchase them at

So if you’re looking to put the eerie into your mani, but you’re not exactly wanting to go full-on gross-out, these three designs are certain to meet your needs. And the best part: You don’t need to know how to paint a single thing. Gotta love instant gratification!


What are you wearing on your nails for Halloween? Sound off in the comments!

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