Pretty P.O.V.: Floss Gloss Nail Polish in Neon Nacho and Stun Saturday 29 September, 2012

New indie nail polish line, Floss Gloss, brings with it original nail polish colors, vintage packaging and some of the coolest names out there. PartyBruise, anyone?

There’s a movement afoot in the nail industry, and you probably haven’t noticed it outright—and I don’t mean that to sound condescending. It’s just that I write about nails day-in and day-out, and until very recently, the industry was just chugging along, as usual. And then: Boom! An influx of young, cool, hip energy. One such entry into this young-buck influx: Floss Gloss. Three girls, Aretha Stark, Janine Lee and Monica Kim Garza, met in college; bonded over their love of nails, fashion and music; and formed a “nail crew” known as “Floss Gloss” in 2009. (P.S. I want to form a nail crew. Who’s with me?) They began mixing their own lacquer hues, trying to fill any voids in the color game out there. Skip forward to 2012, and Floss Gloss nail lacquers made their official debut with 13 colors and Aretha and Janine as the creative geniuses behind them.


What makes Floss Gloss different? Let’s start with the packaging. Vintage-looking to the point of appearing reclaimed, they feature a gold-ridged cap that is manufactured in Italy. They seem like something you’d pick up at a hip flea market—and I mean that in the best way.

Another signifier of cool: the names. Whereas other brands may play delightfully on puns, the Floss Gloss lacquer monikers skip being twee and get down and dirty. Take, for instance, PartyBruise, an espresso-brown-meets-navy. Who hasn’t woken up from a night of debauchery to find an odd bruise or two forming, its origins unknown? This color speaks to that black-out right of passage. Or TanLines, a faint “pinto-bean brown” that smacks of, you know, those stubborn tan lines we all get. Even the company name has urban-cool written all over it: You’re totally “flossin'” when you wear Floss Gloss, no? (Look up “flossin'” if you must on, and you’ll find: “Showing off a possession of great value; showin’ off; stuntin’.”)


(I wore Floss Gloss Neon Nacho with Stun at the cuticle area on my first few days of New York Fashion Week, and everyone freaked out over that orange!)

I got my hands on Neon Nacho, a florescent orange that looks like—what else?—the scrumptious liquid cheese that tops many a plate of nachos, as well as Stun, a holographic gold glitter that is particularly stunning—and extremely full-coverage. Honestly, I was quite shocked at how much glitter they are capable of suspending; job well done! Both polish hues are extremely original, though I must note that the Neon Nacho hue dries dull, so you need to top it with top coat. But you would do that anyway, right?

The line of lacquer colors are three-free, meaning they contain no toulene, formaldehyde or dibityl phthalate. The line also features three non-toxic specialty top and base coats that are said to apply thinner (ensuring no bubbles) and dry quicker.

At $8 a pop for the colors, I say it’s a bargain. Like I mentioned, the hues are extremely original (check out Wavepool for a gorgeous take on pastel blue), the bottles like vintage finds. I can’t wait to see what other colors the Floss Gloss crew comes out with!

Visit to check out these indie nail polish hues.

What do you think of Neon Nacho?

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