Pretty P.O.V.: Essie Encrusted Treasures Nail Polish Thursday 19 December, 2013


If you’re looking for a little eye candy on your nails, deck them in Essie Encrusted Treasures glitter polishes.

Sometimes, you think you’ve seen it all. But the wonder of innovation is that, time and time again, you’re proven wrong; you haven’t seen nothing yet. When it comes to glitter nail polish, I keep thinking: What more can be done with flecks and flickers? Yes, the indie brands stuff bottles full of all sorts of fun glitters that make you ooh and ahh and think, “How did they get all that glitter into one tiny bottle?” And, yes, the indies often fuel the glitter innovation in the nail industry. But, one mass nail company is positioning itself as the glitter go-to: Essie.

Be ready to be flicker-floored: Essie Encrusted Treasures is the glitter bomb. They are the type of effects nail polish that deserve the name “effects.” The six full-blast glitters are so insanely cool—the effects they create so eye-catching—that you can’t help but praise the beauty gods for keeping innovation alive and well.

Let’s take a trip through all of their luscious glimmer and shimmer, shall we? I’m going to list them from my absolute fave to slightly less so—but still twinkle-tight, all the same!


On a Silver Platter: Don’t let the name fool you; this is by no means silver. In fact, the base is a beautiful fog of yellow gold; it’s deeply reflective and full coverage—a perfect base for glitter. But what sets this glitter polish apart (and stole my top spot) is the smattering of larger iridescent lapis and amethyst flecks throughout. The combo of yellow gold, purple and prismatic blue is truly breathtaking, and, in my opinion, completely original.


Hors d’Oeuvres: When I attended the Essie Encrusted Treasures launch, a girl was wearing this polish. From across the dimly-lit room, the glint of her nails caught my eye; they looked like she was wearing highly reflective gold Minx. Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that it wasn’t a super-smooth, mirror-like surface on her nails, but rather a highly potent mix of platinum gold and silver glitters set in that base of hazy yellow gold. Even in a dim room, the brilliance of this polish stole the show. That’s no small feat.Peak-Of-Chic

Peak of Chic: I haven’t really embraced the whole “feather-effect” nail polishes; they’re not my type of texture. Yet this polish, which mixes micro-slivers of snow-white glitter and iridescent silver, is really beautiful.


Ignite the Night: This pewter beaut mixes micro glitter in pewter, silver and the slightest hint of gold. Like all of the other polishes in this collection, it can be worn alone—no need for layering.


Belugaria: This is an interesting one indeed. The black polish dries to a gravelly texture and is inset with plenty of large, twinkling iridescent glitter. The effect is reminiscent of Beluga caviar. Unlike the others in this collection, it dries matte, but the larger iridescent sparkles give it an interesting glint. (Editor’s note: This polish is just like Nails Inc. Beaded Polish in Embankment.)


Lots of Lux: Are you as surprised as I am that I placed this blue in my last slot? (I am a blue polish fanatic after all.) Well, it’s definitely glam—a sparkling sandy texture that has brilliant pops of royal blue micro glitter throughout. But in this group, I had to hand the top slots to mineral-like metallics: gold and silver.

I love that Essie has done a full embrace of glitter polish; if you’re not familiar with the Luxeffects line, you’re missing out. And now we have Essie Encrusted Treasures to add to the list of great glitter polishes. What can I say? I’m in glitzy glitter heaven!

Pick up one or all six of the Essie Encrusted Treasures glitter polishes at

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