Pretty P.O.V.: Elegant Touch Kimmie Kyees Nails Tuesday 05 June, 2012

Celebrity nail manicurist Kimmie Kyees partners with Elegant Touch to bring you press-on nail tips that will make you feel like one of her A-list clients. (Katy Perry, anyone?)

Celebrity nail tech Kimmie Kyees is all over the place. When she’s not tending to Rihanna‘s nails, she’s working Katy Perry‘s digits into a fierce frenzy. The term “blowing up” would be putting Kimmie’s reign over fashion-forward nails mildly. And all of the attention is deserved: I worked with Kimmie a few years ago on a beautiful photo shoot, and she turned out those polished tips quickly and (most importantly) perfectly—all the while, entertaining the crew with a fabulous sense of humor and never losing her verve for the work, despite the long hours (and a despondent model).

 Beauty Etc Reflect With Kimmie Kyees

(Above: One of the images from a story I shot with Kimmie Kyees; photo by Dorit Thies.)

So it’s not surprising that Kimmie is courted by nail brands for her expertise. One such company: Elegant Touch, a UK nail brand that has made its way stateside this year. The joint venture: Elegant Touch Kimmie Kyees Nails. Imagine my excitement at the idea of getting a Kimmie Kyees mani—even if only by proxy!

Unlike other press-on nails I’ve tried, the way you adhere these tips to your natural nail is via a two-step process: First, you must size the “glue tab” adhesive to your nails by lining up the rounded edge to your cuticle area, sticky side down. Then, you adhere the glue tab to your nail, starting at the cuticle area and smoothing it down as best you can over your nail bed. There’s still a “film layer” on the top of the tab, so you can smooth away with no fear of ruining the adhesive. BUT! This can still get a little sticky and tricky, and with only six per hand, you have very little room for error. You want to smooth the tab as flat as you can to your natural nail to ensure no bubbles for better adhesion. Then, you’re ready for your nail tips.

 Kimmie Kyees Elegant Touch Nails

As would be surmised, you now size your nail tips to each nail, remove that “film layer” on the adhesives, and then press on each tip firmly, holding for a few seconds to secure it in place. While I like the thinness and flexibility of Elegant Touch’s press-on nails, I have some issues with the sizes. The cuticle area is fairly straight, rather than curved enough for my nails, making the press-ons appear more obvious on certain nails. And because I suffer from an intense C-curve (look down the “barrel” of your nail, as if you’re pointing your finger at your eye; the amount your nail curves is known as your “C-curve”), some of the nails laid flat to my nail, no matter how much I pinched them on the sides.

The good news is: They’re extremely easy to file to your desired shape, and having just done an interview about almond-shaped nails (my new favorite nail shape!), I set to work whittling my Elegant Touch nails to that perfect “squoval.” I used a crystal file to ensure no weird snags, and actually, the nails filed very smooth. To file, I simply pressed a free finger firmly on the chosen nail, and then set to work filing. The nails did. Not. Budge. Good sign.

I tried out the Pink Polka Dot nails, which Kimmie designed to look similar to the nails she created for Katy Perry in her Emma Summerton-lensed “Teenage Dream” promo shots. Not gonna lie: The dot size is a little too large for my tiny fingernails, but I do think that anyone with a wider nail bed would look perfect with this design. I also took the Pink Glitter design for a ride, which, as the name calls out, is 100% pink glitter, and oh my goodness—these look amazing. The sparkle is so intense, I felt like a beacon for Hello Kitty lovers every time I pointed at something.

 Elegant Touch Kimmie Kyees Pink Glitter

Elegant Touch claims the nails last up to seven days; I had a few come loose by the end of Day Five. But if you have your two leftover glue tab adhesives (keep them if you have them), you can smack that loose nail right back on, and all is well in the world. To remove your Elegant Touch tips, apply cuticle oil (I like CND SolarOil) around the cuticles, which helps loosen up the underlying adhesive. Then, gently peel the nail away, and go back in with polish remover to get rid of the remaining adhesive (if any is still stuck to your nails, which, it will be…trust me).

All in all: Fun, fashionable nails by one of the busiest nail techs in the world. Wearing them made me feel a little like Katy Perry. Now all I need is her singing voice…

Pick up your Elegant Touch Kimmie Kyees Nails at

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