Pretty P.O.V.: Deborah Lippmann Jewel Heist Glitter Polishes Thursday 29 August, 2013


Get ready to swim in glittering flash with the newest Deborah Lippmann glitter polishes in her fall 2013 Jewel Heist nail lacquer collection.

I regard manicurist Deborah Lippmann as one of the first true champions of modern-day glitter polishes. Long before the indie brands started mixing gobs upon gobs of unexpected glitters into lacquers, she debuted Happy Birthday, aptly described as a “party in a bottle.” It seemed to pack in all the confetti needed to bring the party to your nails. It was, in my opinion, just what the mani maven ordered.

Several years later, and here we are: Staring at what is arguably Lippmann’s best glitter polishes yet. As half of the six Jewel Heist fall collection she’s releasing, the three maxi-glitters—emerald Shake Your Money Maker, sapphire Va Va Voom and canary yellow Glitter and Be Gay—are a sight to behold. Witnessing them in person is like staring into the most resplendent jewel, it’s many facets seemingly endless.

The reason behind the amazing amount of flash: holographic glitter that Deborah stumbled upon by chance, and immediately seized for her new polishes. “They’re multisize glitters, with larger, medium and small chunks,” she says. Each glitter bomb is suspended in a jelly (read: practically transparent with a hint of hue) base, and is meant for layering—though you could certainly wear them alone over a naked nail.

Here they are, in all their brilliance!


Va Va Voom: Quite definitely my favorite of the trio. Listen: I love blue, and I make no bones about that fact. (Witness here, here, here, and here.) This sapphire glitter twinkles with an undercurrent of royal purple; it’s just flat-out gorgeous.


Shake Your Money Maker: Emerald is the color of the year (as we’ve been told time and time again), but this emerald glitter is super-fresh. The larger gold flecks allow the depth of the rich emerald mini-flecks to really contrast and stand out. LOVE!


Glitter and Be Gay: Gold glitter—a sight to behold typically, but this particular gold glitter is a whole different breed. Right at this very moment, I’m holding up the bottle and twisting and turning it in all directions. You know what’s happening? The larger holographic glitter particles are flashing serious purple. It’s so beautiful, it just makes this canary yellow gold flash the light fantastic.

The funniest part of all of this: Deborah never particularly thought of herself as a glitter gal. “Who knew that I’d be known for glitter?” she laughs. I, for one, am glad she realized her calling. Long live FLASH! (And, yes, PS: You needn’t fear it! If you want to test the waters of these dazzling lacquers, just swipe a few coats just along the tip of your nail. This will lend just enough flash and will also stop your manicure from prematurely chipping!)

Grab your glitter bombs now at

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