Pretty P.O.V.: Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure Wednesday 13 March, 2013

Needing to break out of a winter manicure routine, Jessyca tries out Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure.

I’m craving spring. Fun colors, flirty patterns and fresh silhouettes are flooding my brain. And though it’s not quite the temperature (yet) to wear springtime’s flimsier wares, over the past few weeks I’ve tried to capture spring’s essence with my nail color. First I turned to Essie’s mint-green Turks and Caicos, and then to OPI’s Atomic Orange as well as the brand’s orange-red Red My Fortune Cookie. Atomic Orange sadly clashed with my skin tone, but Turks and Caicos and Red My Fortune Cookie have turned into favorites.

But even with those new hues in my polish rotation, I’ve felt bored. Sometimes an offbeat lacquer shade simply can’t shake the wintertime mani doldrums. I need to break out of my routine in anticipation for spring.


(Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure in Kaleidoscope Klash)

Which is why I was so excited to give Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure a shot. Just look at that box: The finished manicure features a splashy metallic 3-D effect by way of, as the name implies, colorful foil. It’s a look that could give me that much-needed boost I’m seeking. But is it hard to do? After watching the how-to video, it seemed like a pretty easy DIY project. I’ve been doing my own manicures more often than not these days, and I felt confident I could achieve this fun, color-splashed look.


(The contents of my Wonderland kit)

I settled in for the night, my nail kit (which is the “Wonderland” one; the company currently has three from which to choose) in front of me, a DVR filled with old episodes of New Girl at the ready to help pass the time. Let me just say: I felt inspired by all the glossy images on the Ciaté packaging. In an hour or less, I hoped to have bright, shimmery nails just like the pictures.


First, I applied the Cream Soda Paint Pots polish that came in the kit as the base color. This is a very pretty color in and of itself, so I got excited. (Now, as a side note, you needn’t use the provided Paint Pots as your base color; any color polish will work. Just keep this in mind.)


After my gray base fully dried, I started with a gold-tone foil. First, I painted on a streak of the provided adhesive and counted to 30. I then placed the foil carefully on the nail, sparkly side up. I pressed and held it there for about another 30 seconds. I then quickly pulled the foil up off the nail, but—ooof—almost nothing happened. Apparently the glue hadn’t been sticky enough.

Not one to quit, I placed the foil back on the nail and tried again. This time, it worked, but not as I’d hoped. See, the how-to video suggests color-blocking as one of the styles you can create, which was my aim. But the foil didn’t come off in a clean strip even though I’d painted one. Never mind that; it still looked cool, so I kept going.

For me, the process became somewhat of a guessing game, between waiting for the adhesive to dry (I’d push it past the suggested 30-60 seconds because that’s what worked for me) and how much of the foil would stick or not. Sometimes only a little of the foil would adhere to my nails, and other times so much would cling to my nail plate that it would also find its way onto my cuticles.


After about three episodes of New Girl, I decided to settle for a two-color design rather than the color block look. The adhesive drying times were on the longer side, and I felt this type of mani style would speed up the process. I laid a layer of the deep metallic rose foil over top, using the same process as before. When I finished, I top coated the look and used an acetone-soaked Q-Tip to remove any errant foil from my cuticles.


Although using the product was somewhat of a lengthy adventure, I was happy to have found a flirty new nail look. This Colourfoil manicure would be great for a Vegas trip or even a beach day. But it could only be one beach day, because it lasted about that long. Yes, for all that work, by the end of the next day, the foil had begun to flake off, leaving the gray undertone peeking out. Because of the gray, I felt it looked a little muddy, which is why I’d suggest using a nude or a bright polish as your base. As I said before, you needn’t use the provided gray base.


Maybe with practice, you can become better at the application—especially if you go for a more advanced look, like the color block. Luckily, by simply overlaying various foils, you can get a super-chic result. But my ultimate takeaway is this: Try this look for a special night, but don’t expect it to last through the following day.

Ciaté Very Colourfoil Manicure is available at —Jessyca Dewey


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  • Clare says:

    I love this! It really does look fun and flirty, but it is really all that simple? I always look online for different nail painting techniques to try out- this definitely makes the list.

  • Nathalie says:

    I’ve read you should let the glue dry for about 5 minutes and maybe you could apply top coat over your nail art so it can last longer 😀

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