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Forget skinny jeans! Why not wear your denim on your nails with the Ciaté Denim Manicure Kit?

Let me preface this post by saying: The end result of this kit is so amazing, it’s hard not to be proud of the work you put into it.

I love Ciaté. If you haven’t tried out one of the UK brand’s polishes, aptly named Paint Pots, you’re missing out. I know the creator, Charlotte Knight (who always wears the most fabulous shoes—I have total and complete shoe envy), and she really took the time thinking about a polish bottle design that would make lacquering your own nails easy. It’s definitely shaped for the DIYer…trust.

In fact, Charlotte is all about packaging together items that will help the do-it-yourself set get a finished look. Her newest kit, the Denim Manicure Kit, is beyond brilliant. It 100% allows you to create a manicure that looks like vintage denim jeans—rivets and all.

Included in the kit:

+ Regatta Paint Pot (a matte shimmer blue-jeans blue)

+ Studs in various shapes and finishes

+ “Stitch” transfers

+ Nail glue

Here’s how you get the look:


Step 1: Apply your favorite base coat (I’m all about the ridge fillers right now—totally digging into Essie’s). Then, apply a coat of Regatta Paint Pot. You only need one coat for full coverage—definitely a plus. And because it’s a matte formula, it dries super-fast. Another plus.


Step 2: Cut out a strip of the “stitch” transfers (they come in sheets in two colors: gold and white). When you cut out the full strip of stitching, you’ll notice it’s quite long—too long for one nail. What I suggest: Cut the strip into half, and then cut one half into another half, so you now have three strips—1/2 long, and two 1/4 long. Submerge all three strips into water for 15 seconds or so (doesn’t matter if you let them sop up water for longer than that, so don’t worry). Remove one from the water, and you’ll find that it should easily slide off the backing. Here’s where things get tricky: Because your finger is now wet, the transfer soooo wants to stick to your finger. What I did: Dry off my finger before I detached the transfer from the backing. That way it didn’t want to stick to my finger.

Step 3: Gently “drag” the transfer across your nail plate in the direction you want until it lines up how you want. The drag method really helps because just trying to lay down the transfer can be a pain. Trust me: Drag and pull until you get what you want. Then, allow the transfer to dry. You’ll undoubtedly have excess transfer hanging off the edge of your nail. Do NOT cut this off until your transfer has dried. I tried to cut off the excess while it was still wet and—guess what? I moved the transfer and messed it up. My mess = your gain. Wait until it dries.


Step 4: Repeat the cut-soak-drag-dry-cut-excess process with another transfer. I chose to mix gold with white on each finger.


Step 5: Using the provided nail glue, dot a bit of glue where the two “stitches” meet. Adhere one of the rivets included in the set.

Step 6: You don’t need to use top coat to finish the look; in fact, top-coating it makes the “denim” appear like a darker wash. So if you prefer a lighter wash, leave it be. If you like your jeans dark, top coat to your heart’s desire.


Here’s my right hand…


…and here’s my left.

I also made an Instagram video for @nailitmag (follow us!). Other than the shakiness, it’s pretty spot-on for how you create this nail look!

Give the Ciaté Denim Manicure Kit a go! You can pick one up at

What do you think about this look? Would you wear jeans on your nails?

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