I Link It: Best Nails at the Met Friday 24 August, 2012

After two days of sleuthing to find out a polish hue that actress Leslie Bibb was wearing at the Met Gala, I decided to turn to that 140-character connection: Twitter.

The other day, I was sitting talking with an editor friend about research. We reminisced about the “olden” days, when you checked yourself into a library to do due diligence on a piece. Need to fact-check? Go to the library, call up records, do your biz in person or over the phone. But even the library could turn up conflicting facts, my friend lamented. True, true. But it was nothing like the Internet.

Ah, yes: the Internet. Such a huge expanse of information—a percentage of it very untrue. And yet, we rely so heavily on it for information. These days, if I need to do a quick name check, I can look online (though, if the online info is too bleary, I will call and fact check; but truth be told, I am not a full-time fact-checker…I need one). Before, I couldn’t do that. Sure, I had LexisNexis during my college years for online academic research, but out of college? My seminal years as an editor were not like they are now. The Internet has completely changed how we source info, find facts, hunt-down stories. It’s both daunting and scary; it’s both a time-saver and a time-suck.

Why my story about the Inter-web? Because, for all of it’s pratfalls as a research tool, it’s facilitated some rather amazing things for me. One such event: a story I wrote about nails at the 2012 Met Gala. After searching every red carpet photo from the event on Getty Images (online), I was able to find three starlets whose nails I found interesting. From there, I started trying to figure who did these women’s nails, using typical search terms like, “Rihanna Met Gala nails” or “who did Rihanna’s nails at Met Gala 2012.” For Rihanna and Emma Stone, the answers came quickly; other online celebrity gossip sites had nabbed the insider intel and posted it within days of the event. (For the record, Gina Eppolito did Rihanna’s nails and Elle did Emma’s.) I was easily able to reach out to both of these nail techs for original interviews. But with my third Met Gala A-lister, actress Leslie Bibb, the trail went cold. No matter where I searched—and I used all my tricks that I’ve culled over the years—I could not figure out who did Leslie’s nails. And I probably wouldn’t have, if it weren’t for Twitter.

After a few days of internet sleuthing, and deciding I definitely wasn’t going to contact her publicist for this small story, I finally had my eureka! moment. Ask her who did her nails…directly…on Twitter. It was a long shot, but hey! Why not?

As you’ll see in my August Nailpro story, The Met’s Best Nails, Leslie responded! And that immediately endeared her to me. There were some details she divulged that I didn’t get to include in the story, which I’ll share here.

As Leslie said in the piece, she frequents Galleria Nails in NYC. Her reason? “Best mani/pedi. Cheap and cheerful, but clean and chic. All the C’s I like!”

 Zac Posen Fall 2012 Inspiration

At the time she was tweeting, Leslie was in Atlanta filming No Good Deed; she tweeted, “Was getting a bad one in Atlanta when I first read your tweet. Hate that. Galleria is consistent. I like consistent. Another C!”

The color she chose, Essie’s Geranium, had a fan in another Galleria Nails client. Leslie said that she actually picked the hue because she spotted it on a French woman walking out of the salon. “[She’s a] reg there from the Upper West Side who treks to the East Village and she had it on,” she shared. “I said, ‘Oh, that’s great.’ And she said, ‘Geranium tres chic.’ I swear…and with a French accent. I was done. I love anything French!”

 Essie Cosmetics Geranium Leslie Bibb

And with that, Leslie’s polish was picked, and I loved how it looked against her navy Zac Posen gown and red-orange lips.

For all it’s pitfalls, the Inter-web is awesome.

PS: I’d also like to commend Leslie for being fearless with her color choice. Though she typically doesn’t wear orange-red/red-orange, she went for it—and I believe it paid off. Kudos!

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(Model image via Nailpro)


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