Fear No: Shade-Shifting Green Nail Polish Thursday 19 September, 2013


Get ready to dip your fingers into the newest shade-shifting nail polish for fall: patina olive green.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love a type of nail polish more than glitter, shade-shifters entered my life, and I feel a like a giddy little kid, all bright-eyed and fixated. What’s a shade-shifter? Well, it’s exactly what the name says: The nail polish formula shifts from one shade to the next, depending on how the light strikes your nails.

For fall, the best iterations of this shade-shift-apalooza come in the form of gorgeous olive. “Olive?” you say. Yes, olive. But it’s not your army drab olive (which certainly has a place on nails—trust), and it’s not your dirty martini olive (which I had six of last night…olives, not martinis! Come on…). It’s an olive infused with malachite, gold, aquamarine, fiery copper, even sapphire. It’s like adding a layer of patina to your nails—the way copper weathers to green in the most beautiful way.

Naturally, there are three standouts that are quite different. They are:


Topshop Nails in Aurora: I just look at this bottle and think, “Moody.” Doesn’t it just feel dark and pensive and chic?


Formula X for Sephora The Shifters in Iconic: The massive roll-out of Formula X nail products isn’t up and running online as of this post (it’s slated to bow in October), but I’ve witnessed this brilliant hue firsthand, and it’s a sight to behold. As part of The Shifters, Iconic has a level of sophistication that I, for one, can appreciate.


Maybelline Color Show Holographics in Mystic Green: Not as olive as the others, this gem is an affordable way (just $3.99) to rock this color trend for fall.

Why you too should have no fear: Green on nails—it may be a tough one to swallow for many. But just as blue found its way into conservative nailistas’ hearts (and, more importantly, onto their nails), green is making a play for that real estate too. So if you aren’t ready to rock it on the fingertips, start with the tootsies. Another cool way to wear it: Use it as a “shadow”: Paint your nail in shade-shifting olive. Then, paint a creamy navy or black over top, yet leave the edges of your nail green. Voila! Super-cool nails with a hint of shade-shifting green.

What do you think of these shade-shifters? Would you wear them?

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  • Shelby says:

    I would wear, and have worn, shade-shifting polish. My favorite so far for fall is Essie’s “For the Twill of It.” Depending on how the light hits it it looks, olive green, purple or gray. Love!

  • Marga says:

    I do not mind wearing green nail colors. I would love to try this out. I find it classy and unique.

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