Fear No: Pastel Yellow Nail Polish for Spring Monday 01 April, 2013


Bring on the pastels for spring! Pale yellow polish is one of the most unique polish hue trends to come out of this season’s lacquer offerings.

We’re all pretty attuned to seasonal colors, no? Spring is light and fresh; summer is bright and loud; fall is darker and more mysterious; winter is jeweled and festive. And, for the most part, nail polish companies stick to the seasonal sway—and this spring they really stayed the course. As I was gathering spring 2013 polish collections for Nail It! magazine, I actually became shocked that not only was practically every color a palest-pale pastel, but also a cream. Of course, some hues stick out more than others, and I am really feeling the love for pastel yellow. It can be very soft, like NCLA Tennis Anyone?; on the brighter side, like Butter London Jasper; or a bit dustier with a hint of sparkle, like Zoya Piaf.


(The best pastel yellow nail polishes of the season vary in intensity and finish: Butter London Jasper, Zoya Piaf and NCLA Tennis Anyone?.)

Why you too should have no fear: Yellow nail polish hasn’t exactly become a mainstay color; like blue and green, it takes a bit of warming up to for the average wearer. But these pastel yellow nail lacquers look gorgeous in the sun and, not coincidentally, look amazing with a tan. These are a two-coat color—and, in some cases, even three coats. Just like with stark-white polish, you want full-coverage with a pale pastel—streaks are not allowed! Start with a ridge-filling base coat to ward off any uneven color application. If this polish hue is still a bit too much for the fledgling manicure lover, use pastel yellow as an accent nail with such shades as lavender, coral and navy. Or, for a more daring look, try it as a half-moon on lavender or sea foam green nails. Any way you wear it, pale yellow can be a very striking—and fresh—color.

What do you think of the pastel yellow nail polish trend? Would you try it? And how would you wear it? Sound off in the comments!

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  • April nass says:

    I would wear with what ever I want and my daughter would want me to paint hers has well .she loves yellow.

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