Fear No: Neon Nail Polish Tuesday 08 May, 2012

This summer, get ready to paint your fingernails and toes in some of the brightest, retina-searing neon nail polishes under the sun! I pick my favorites from American Apparel, China Glaze, Orly and Pop Beauty.

I love me some BeautyHigh, and the site recently expanded upon a story that was all sparked by a little quote in More magazine. See, CND co-founder Jan Arnold told the mag that if you happen across some neon nail polish in the U.S. market, it has most likely been imported because this type of nail lacquer (neon) is illegal to produce in the U.S. This little quote caused the Daily Mail to put on its investigative hat, tapping CND scientific adviser (and longtime Nailpro magazine friend) Doug Schoon for a little insight into this neon nail polish conundrum. According to Schoon, it all shakes out like this: Neon colorants aren’t illegal for you to wear, but they also have never been registered with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)—never ever. The thing is, nail polish colorants must be registered with the FDA prior to production in the United States. The “ban” on neon polishes, therefore, purely has to do with the fact that nobody has ever registered a neon colorant. It should be noted that the “band” has nothing to do with their safety, according to Schoon. Why hasn’t anyone in the U.S. registered a neon colorant, you ask? Schoon tells the Daily Mail it’s likely because registration is expensive and too much work for many polish manufacturers. Inter-vesting…

Despite all of this, when I pulled together the myriad summer polish collections for Nailpro‘s Summer Polish Feature (out in June), the amount of “brights”—which could certainly be considered “neons” but may very well not contain neon colorants (FYI)—was overwhelming. I plucked some of my faves for your retina-searing pleasure…

 Fear No Neon Polishes Guide

Why You Too Should Have No Fear: What do we do when we feel a color is too eye-poppingly bold for our fingernails? We put it on our toes! Yes, neons are perfect for the tootsies come summertime, and you needn’t feel scared to break out the brightest to dress up your feet. But personally, I think neons are perfect for decorating digits (but of course I do!), and the best way to wear them is actually—in my eyes—a quite conservative way: Paint your nails in an opaque neutral, such as a tan or dove gray, and then edge the tips with a strip of neon. If you’re feeling bold, change up the neon strip from nail to nail—pink, orange, yellow, green, etc.—and if you’re feeling even bolder (is that even possible???), do two strips of neon on each nail. I rocked a beige nail with a strip of neon green at the very edge, and a line of yellow just below it; the amount of compliments I logged for that little “pop ‘o’ color” was so immense, I had the hardest time changing my mani because I just loved the design—and the attention!—so much. And I can assure you: Try a design like this on for size, and you won’t want to touch that polish remover either.

Will you be rocking a neon nail—or toenail—this summer?

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(Neon info via BeautyHigh.com, Daily Mail and More)


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