Fear No: Mega-Bright Color Block Semi-Circle Manicure Wednesday 27 March, 2013

Feeling shaky with your DIY nail art? Try out this mega-bright semi-circle design that will have you feeling like a pro!

Right now, I am rocking a Tokidoki manicure, hand-painted with unbelievably sick skill by Britney Tokyo (I’ll post it; promise). If only I could wield a paint brush like her! Alas, I am not especially amazing at doing my own nail art, but I’m pretty good at conceptualizing it (which is part of my job). Oftentimes I’ll sketch out designs that are floating in my head, scan them and send them off to the nail techs I’m working with so they can make them even better. It’s collaborative, fun and always amazing what they turn out. Long live nail art!

But sketching on paper and painting on nail plates are two very different things. What to do? Try very simple nail art designs that make a high-impact, such as this mega-bright semi-circle nail art look that I painted using some of spring’s sharpest, highly pigmented cream lacquers. The key: Keep the elements simple, but use a mix of colors that give it that extra oomph.


What you need:

+ Base Coat (I used Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler)

+ Bright Yellow Polish (like Butter London Jasper)

+ Bright Sea Foam Green Polish (like Topshop Nails Minted)

+ Rich Fuchsia (like Nails Inc. St. James Park)

+ Bold Cobalt (like JINsoon Blue Iris)

+ Bright Sky Blue (like Nails Inc. Chelsea Physic Gardens)

+ Top Coat (like Floss Gloss Topcoat)


After base-coating your nails, paint your pointer and ring finger on both hands using your yellow polish.



Paint your middle and pinkie fingers on both hands using your sea foam green lacquer.


Paint your thumb using your fuchsia. If you need to apply two coats to everything, start the process again in that order: yellow, green and then fuchsia.



Using your cobalt polish and starting at the inner corner of your thumb near the cuticle, paint a small semi-circle. Increase the size of your circle by carefully painting the border of your semi circle until you reach the size you want. Repeat on your ring finger. Note: I like the idea of doing the same blue on two different color nails (i.e. fuchsia and yellow).



Using your cobalt polish, draw a curved line that follows the arc of your semi-circle on your thumb, leaving a cushion of space between your semi-circle and this curve. Do the same on your ring finger.


Using this same method for both semi-circle and arc, use your fuchsia to paint this design on your middle finger.



Duplicate the same design using green on your pointer finger and yellow on your pinkie.


Add an accent of sky blue on your ring finger. Allow it to dry and then top coat your manicure.


Voila! Easy-peasy.

If you’d like to watch this in action, check out this video: Semi Circle Nail Art How To.

Why you too should have no fear: Because it’s simple! And I can’t tell you how many people complimented me on it. As I mentioned before, simple graphic designs are extremely eye-catching—especially when you use interesting color combinations. I suggest sticking to creams rather than shimmers; they tend to lend a cleaner appearance. If you MUST use a shimmer, try a full-coverage chrome in silver in addition to your brights; that will look extra sharp. The great thing about simple graphic patterns like this: Their simplicity works very well for small nail plates (like mine!). If you’re feeling a bit more demure and don’t want shocking color, you can even try this design with subtle neutrals (think: taupe, rose and beige).

 What do you think of my semi-circle nail design? Would you try it? Sound off in the comments!

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