Fear No: Bright Peach Nail Polish Wednesday 24 July, 2013


The summer nail polish hue you’ll be drooling over: brightest, practically neon, peach.

Every season, there’s a polish hue grouping that stands out to me. Last summer, it was mega-bright cobalt (which continued to captivate through fall, winter and this spring and summer too—that color has lasting power!); for 2013, I deem bright peach the polish color of the summer season.

Listen: There’s nothing new about peach nail polish. The hue has been a subdued standard for the lacquer industry for more than a decade. But true peach—not coral or verging on orange—typically had an opalescence to it, or was a sheer (as was the favored way to coat nails back in the day).

Well, not any more. The newest peach polishes are beyond bright; they’re that new sub-genre of pastels, known as “vivid pastels.” They have a chalky (not in a bad way, mind you) pigment with an underlying brightness that really hasn’t been seen for this hue when it comes to nail lacquer. They’re full-coverage opaques with not a trace of shimmer—no sheers or sparkles here, please. Naturally, there are three bright peach nail polish standouts, each with it’s own awesomeness.


Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Purity: Oh my god. I saw this online and I wondered: Does it live up to it’s 72 dpi beauty? IRL, yes, it does. Purity has a cool, dusty quality to it, but it’s still unbelievably bold.


Floss Gloss in Pony: I love the gals at Floss Gloss; they have their finger on the pulse of what’s going to be hot in nail color. So, no doubt, Pony is going to be hit with nail polish geeks (and I mean “geek” in the best possible way). It’s a bit brighter than Illamasqua’s Purity, but retains that same dusty quality. And, man, does it look amazing with a summer tan!


China Glaze in Sun of a Peach: When you say a color has some pow behind its wow, this polish is a true exemplification of that statement. It’s a through-and-through neon pastel—definitely for women who take risks with their manicure colors. There’s something about vivid pastel peach that feels both sweet and sexy; it’s naughty and nice all bottled into one color.

Why you too should have no fear: It’s summer! You can peddle poppy colors on your toes—and show off that pedicure in your best strappy wedges and flats. But, beyond the “let’s do a pedicure because a manicure is too out in the open” mantra, I really do believe this is a color that can act as a gateway to other more brazen hues. You’d wear a peach manicure, right? Why not punch it up with a slightly brighter peach manicure? You may not wear blue polish (why don’t you? she asks incredulously), but peach is safer, more comforting…no? And while you may feel the brightest neon peach is beyond reach for your fingertips, it’s dustier sisters (Purity!) are very wearable, indeed. If you do have a bit of the polish bug (meaning: You don’t have any fear when it comes to nail lacquer), pair these peaches with other fun pastels, like mint green and turquoise, and then accent with an antique gold (as a French tip, accent nail or color-block diagonal).

Which bright peach polish speaks to you? Sound off in the comments!

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