Event Space: Nicole Scherzinger Signature Series for imPRESS Saturday 10 March, 2012

Stars, brights, animal prints: Nicole Scherzinger has designed a limited edition Signature Series for imPRESS Press-On Manicure, and the collection packs in everything from her fashion inspirations (Dolce & Gabbana) to her passions (music) to her heritage (Hawaiian-Filipina-Ukrainian!).

A little while back, I took imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway Nails for a test drive. I was pretty “impressed”—the nails’ flexibility allowed me to do some pretty amazing things, like peel back the tab on a soda can or rip open boxes with no regard to the nails’ welfare.

So, recently, when I was invited to meet celebrity brand Ambassador for imPRESS, Nicole Scherzinger, about her new limited edition Signature Series nails, I could sit there and agree, yes, these nails do offer a week’s worth of wear and, yes, they are high-shine. But I was eager to see what designs the songstress had conjured up, and she didn’t disappoint: From neon brights to French manis with a twist, Nicole’s designs offer adventurous gals a quick and easy way to change up their nail art. The line, composed of six nail art designs and three single “shade” colors, speaks to what Nicole’s seeing in fashion, as well as her personal story.

 Impress Nicole Scherzinger Signature Series in Poison

“It was so fun designing the six different nail art nails,” she purrs, and then grabs the bottle of nail tips that first caught my eye when I walked into the joint. “This bright, groovy blue is going to be a big trend this summer,” Nicole says, and then stares at my nails, “I see you are inspired by this blue as well!”

I look down at my nails, and then curl them under into a fist. I knew I should have fixed the chips. “Don’t look at the chips!” I squeak sheepishly.

Pitch-perfectly, Nicole says, “Well, you won’t have that problem with these! They never chip.”

She continues, “A big fashion trend for summer is bright, vivid colors, so these three will be big,” she explains of orange “Killer Love,” hot fuchsia “Just Say Yes,” and that gorgeous blue, “Poison.”

Moving on to the designs, Nicole picks up “Get Into It,” a French mani that’s both feminine and fierce. “I am Hawaiian, Filipina and Ukrainian; I was born in Hawaii so it was important for me to combine my heritage into this,” she explains of the design’s Hawaiian hibiscus floral element. “But, I wanted to make it funky and wild, so there’s a zebra print under the hibiscus flower!”

Naturally, Nicole’s passion lies in her music, so a musical design is a no-brainer. “I incorporated music notes with a pearlescent background. It’s fun and funky, but still pretty chic,” she says of “On & On.”

 Impress Nicole Scherzinger Signature Series Sexy Fresh

Somehow, I come back into the conversation as Nicole pours over the tie-dye tips, “Sexy Fresh.” “These are super-groovy,” she says, and then nods to my pants, “they go with your bell bottoms. Very boho funky.” I blush.

Of course, Nicole has a favorite, which she’s wearing: “Don’t Wanna,” an oil-slick background that seems black, but when lit, it gradates to shimmering purple and green, and is dotted by a somewhat familiar-looking star pattern. “I’m not gonna lie; I was inspired by Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring show,” she demures. (I am vary familiar with this particular show pattern. Please see my nail art story with nail tech Elle here.) “These are my favorite: I call them my rock stars! Every nail is individual; the print changes from tip to tip, just as it would if you went to the salon.”

 Nicole Scherzinger Signature Series Don’t Wanna

When asked, “Why nails?” Nicole answers, “In my line of business, appearance is everything. And being a singer, my hands and nails are next to the mic; I’m expressing myself through them. So for me, having nice nails is the finishing touch and the final accessory. I spend so much time on my hair and outfit, I gotta make sure my nails accent what I’m wearing or feeling. It’s another way of expressing myself.”

At the event, I’m told the dream of Broadway Nails’ CEO is that every woman will carry six of the cute imPRESS bottles in her bag, so she can change up her mani as her whims change during the day. A lofty dream?

“That’s me!” Nicole thrills. “I do change them constantly. I have a lot of fun mixing them up.”

The Signature Series by Nicole Scherzinger for imPRESS launches in May 2012 at CVS and Walmart.

Also, be on the lookout for imPRESS Press-On Pedicure, also launching in May.

Karie L. Frost Signature


(Photo of Nicole: Sam Stroube of Barker DZP; runway via Nailpro)


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