Contest: Dermelect ME Fearless Beauty Nail Art Challenge 3 Sunday 12 May, 2013

Nail art challenge! Try your hand at this graphic nail art design, and be entered to win the Dermelect ME Fearless Beauty nail polish collection plus Makeover Ridge Filler!

Alright, nail art lovers: Dermelect ME is hosting the final nail art challenge for a chance to win my nail polish collaboration, Fearless Beauty, a collection of four creamy colors—Buzz-worthy yellow, Fearless cerulean, Moxie pink and Renegade jade—plus Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler (a complete retail value of $74).

This time, I actually tasked myself with dreaming up the nail art design using my Fearless Beauty collection, and now Dermelect and I want YOU to put polish to nail and recreate the nail art for a chance to win!

Welcome to the final of three Dermelect ME Fearless Beauty Nail Art Challenges! The third task: “Dash Graphic” nail art.


First – Here’s how to enter:

1. Recreate this “Dash Graphic” nail art look using pink, yellow, green and blue polishes. You can either recreate this nail art design EXACTLY or you can create your own design, but you must use the “repeated dash” element seen in this nail art somewhere in your design as well as the same color scheme (pink, blue, green and yellow).

2. Take a picture of your nail art design. LIKE Dermelect’s Facebook page, and upload your design to the Facebook page.

3. Spread the word! Reblog, Instagram, tweet or share your Facebook post with hashtag #Fearlessbeauty, and follow Dermelect on Twitter or Pinterest. The more ways you follow/share, the more entries you get!

4. Leave a comment with your uploaded picture, including details of how you shared this post (if relevant).

This THIRD of THREE nail art contests will run midnight Monday May 13, 2013 and ending 11:59pm Sunday May 19, 2013. Entrants must be from the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

You can enter as many times as you like; however, you can only win once.

Winners will be announced shortly after each contest ends on and Dermelect’s Facebook page.


(Here’s the design in daylight; the colors look much truer here than in my step-by-step below. I opted to vary the color positions from nail to nail, and even changed up the way they swerve to give the look a more chaotic feel.)

Here Is How to Recreate the Look:


1. Start with a base-coated nail. Apply one coat of blue polish. Allow to dry.


2. Using a striping brush or detail brush and pink polish, and starting at the center of the nail at the cuticle area, draw a dash. Continue to draw dashes up the nail in a diagonal line, with each dash getting a little smaller. (One thing I should note about the Dermelect ME polishes: I didn’t have to go back over the dashes with a second coat of color; they were extremely vibrant on the first stroke. That’s a lot of pigment!)


3. Using the same technique, draw a curved line of dashes using yellow polish.


4. Finish your design with the same technique and green polish.

5. Allow all nails to dry and seal with high-shine top coat.

Now, you try this design, or a version of this design, and upload your creation to Dermelect’s Facebook page, as well as Tweet and Instagram the look with the tag #FearlessBeauty, and you could be the winner of the Fearless Beauty collection plus Makeover Ridge Filler.

We’re so excited to see what you come up with! Good luck!

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