Beauty Mark: NAILgasm Documentary Trailer Out Featuring Nailpro! Tuesday 19 June, 2012


A new nail art documentary, NAILgasm, takes a look inside the obsessive beauty counterculture that is propelling this art form into the mainstream. (And Nailpro’s Stephanie Yaggy is featured! Hooray!)

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that nail art is having its moment to shine. Which is a relief. Why do I say that? Well, I’ve worked on Nailpro for close to 12 years, and, let’s just say, nail art has been shunned pretty much on the regular since I’ve been there. Naturally, our readers, who happen to be nail technicians, embrace nail art, but they found they weren’t flexing their creative chops in their salons because clients didn’t ask for much more than a polish and a buff (and maybe a set of acrylic nails). And forget about seeing nail art positively portrayed in women’s magazines! (Probably a factor in why clients weren’t asking for this service.) If you religiously read the pages of glossy beauty mags back then, nail art was portrayed as the ugly step child of beauty, relegated to the lowest rung, next to too much glitter. It was ALWAYS a “don’t.” Then, companies like CND started bringing nail art to the runways; it inched its way up on fashion’s catwalks, but still it wasn’t quite catching with everyday people—but it was gaining a tiny bit of momentum, no matter how micro, with fashion editors, who eventually put nail art in their photo editorials, but still didn’t claim it as a beauty rite.

And then, one day, nail art Tumblogs cropped up. A whole new world was upon us.

Even with all the “nail porn” blogs, with their various DIY nail art designs and home-made watermarks (don’t you dare steal this photo! Or this design!), there was much confusion. We’ll call it wishy-washy-ness. Just today, Nailpro magazine’s executive editor, Stephanie Yaggy, and I were IM-ing about how one minute the mainstream media is calling nail art “ugly” and the next minute it’s shilling it as the newest “art form”—and all the while we’re left watching and waiting for the next news outlet to jump on the “ugly” vs. “art form” bandwagon. Which side will they choose? (Depends on their viewers/readers, I suppose.)

Regardless of how the media portrays nail art, the internet is teeming with self-styled nailistas ready to out-jooj their fellow nail blogging peers’ nails. And, I love this. I’m beside myself with glee with this evolution and explosion of nail art as a true beauty art form. Nail art is another manner of self-expression; it’s an accessory to an overall look, and it can tell a story. Why should it be treated as anything else other than art?

Apparently, someone else agrees: A lass known as “Brass” has put together a documentary titled “NAILgasm,” which chronicles nail art’s meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years. Trend-setting nail techs like Fleury Rose and Sophy Robson make appearances, as well as designer Melody Eshani, who collaborated with NCLA on the dopest line of nail decals yet. But, the most awesome person on there? Nailpro’s very own Stephanie Yaggy, who you’ll find at the 2:25 mark (she’s holding my very first cover I ever conceived and helped for Nailpro; some people love it, some hate it…can’t please them all).

Here’s the trailer for NAILgasm, and if you’re like the rest of us voracious nail art lovers, you probably can’t wait to see the whole thing! Waiting with baited…nails. Yes, baited nails…with nail art on them.

Are you excited to watch NAILgasm? What’s your fave nail look in the trailer?

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(Stills from NAILgasm)


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