Story Time: Tricks to Get You Post-Gym Beautiful in a Jiff Wednesday 24 April, 2013

Jessyca accepts the Gunnar Challenge, but doesn’t accept the fact that you have to look like a drowned rat after the gym. Here, she shares her post-workout beauty tips so you can get gorgeous in 20 minutes flat!

Trust me when I tell you: I do not need any additional excuses to avoid the gym. So when I embarked on a two-month fitness program called the Gunnar Challenge, it became imperative that I figure out a way to maintain my beauty routine…within reason. Working out six days a week is challenge enough. But working out six days a week without looking like someone tried to drown you in a hot tub afterward? Well, that’s nearly impossible. Luckily, after about a month of practice, I figured out enough little tricks to look pulled together after leaving the locker room. So not only did I walk away from the Gunnar Challenge (a true challenge, let me tell you!) with a rocking body and mindset, but also a gym bag filled with carefully chosen products that I will continue to take with me to my lunchtime gym sessions. (Hey, coming back to the office looking almost as good as I did before I left is something my office-mates appreciate.)

Naturally, I’m going to share my gym-bag-o-tricks with you, so that you too can spend most of your gym time working out rather than cleaning up.


(Everything I need to beautify post-workout.)


Trick No. 1: Face Wipes

Don’t be silly: Take off your foundation before you workout. This is a rookie mistake, but I figured that since I’m not prone to breakouts, I’d be OK leaving my makeup on, right? Wrong. After a bad breakout, I started using Burt’s Bees Facial Wipes for Sensitive Skin. These handy little wipes do an excellent job of wiping off dirt and makeup without drying out my skin. I use them before working out and after, but—and this is important—I make sure to leave my eye makeup intact. Which brings me to my next trick…


Trick No. 2: Eye Makeup Primer

Save time by leaving on eye makeup. I’ve learned that I don’t have to reapply eye makeup after a good workout or even a shower so long as I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion before doing my eye makeup in the morning. Seriously: It really does allow whatever makeup mastery you do on your eyes to stick and stay.


Trick No. 3: Travel-Sized Shampoo and Conditioner (but most often, dry shampoo. See Trick No. 5)

After my workout, I take a quick shower in double-time. (It’s amazing how fast you can be when you want to!) If my hair is too sweaty to be recovered, I use travel-sized Organix shampoo and conditioner to bring it back to a smell-good state.


Trick No. 4: Cold Shower

I’ve found that the trick to a successful post-gym but pre-go-anywhere-important shower is to finish with a blast of really cold water to lower the body temperature. Otherwise, your body is still so heated from your workout that you’ll be sweating post-shower as you reapply makeup. And what’s the point of that?


Trick No. 5: Dry Shampoo

If my hair doesn’t need to be washed, I’m spraying my roots with Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo as soon as I step out of the shower. This way, the dry shampoo has time to dry while I quickly apply lotion and touch up my makeup.


Trick No. 6: Dual Beauty Products

Two of my favorite gym-bag items are my roll-on perfume/lip gloss combo and my Double Agent Eyes by Secret Agent Beauty eyeliner/mascara combo. They take up less space in my bag, and they make application easier since it’s one less thing to dig around for while in a rush.


Trick No. 7: Space Is a Premium

After lotioning up, I grab my Benefit Hello Flawless travel-sized foundation and use my fingers to smooth it around my face. I use a makeup-remover Q-Tip by I.D. to swipe off any stray mascara around my eyes, and I touch up my mascara just a tiny bit. I then use my small brush to smooth my hair out of its post-ponytail craziness, and I run the travel-sized Bedhead Groupie straightener through it. This straightener is perfect for the gym because it’s pocket-sized (1/2 inch!) but it still heats up in 30 seconds, so it doesn’t slow me down.


(Here I am prior to the workout: non-sweaty, happy, not in pain from my workout…yet.)


(Here I am directly after the workout, and yes, I know I’m a brave soul for showing anyone this photo. Note the sweat-soaked hair, bundled in a hair knot, which means it will look super-unruly when I take it down.)


(And then, here I am in 20 minutes flat, on my way back to work, looking as though I never once perspired. Note the dry, clean and smooth hair, the sweat-free brow and the eye makeup I barely had to touch. I’d say I might look even a little better than before the gym!)

Now that the Gunnar Challenge is officially over, I have to maintain my fitness routine on my own. Good thing I have the beauty routine figured out already! —Jessyca Dewey

Do you have any post-gym beauty tricks? Share them in the comments!



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