Story Time: A Mini Makeup Hiatus Brings Me Back to Basics Monday 17 September, 2012


A summer vacation leads Fear No Beauty contributor Jillian E. Sorgini to strip down her makeup—except for her requisite mascara.

During my summer vacation (which already seems like it was ages ago), I went back to basics. For some, that means a completely makeup-free look. For me, it equals sticking strictly to mascara.

Aside from lip gloss, mascara is the first “grown-up” makeup that I can remember buying. As my tween friends and I eased into face-painting, clear mascara from Limited Too became my obsession. I was a sneaky one: I opted for clear because I knew I could wear it without my mom noticing as I left for school. But honestly, I loved the added oomph it gave my already long lashes; it provided an extra boost of confidence.

Thankfully, my taste quickly evolved past the now-defunct Limited Too, and good thing—mascara remains my must-have beauty item.

As I packed for my vacation this summer, I planned to try so many beauty trends, but then reality sunk in. The Northeast had been crippled by unbearable heat; did I really want to subject myself to melting makeup while enjoying time off from everything else? My vacation lead me to take somewhat of a makeup hiatus. Typically, I don’t leave the house without the requisite concealer, mascara and blush, but I decided to take Fear No Beauty’s mantra to live fearlessly when it comes to beauty–even if that means stripping it down. I would step out with a fresh face…well, nearly a fresh face. That mascara I can’t live without? Well, it became my sole staple.

I’ll confess: The summer sun made taking this risk a lot easier. After a day on the beach, my skin had a sun-kissed glow. Sure, a little bronzer wouldn’t have hurt, but it didn’t seem necessary. With some texturizing sea salt spray and a swipe of mascara, I cut my time to get ready in half. Who wants to spend their vacation time primping?


Throughout the week, I switched off between my drugstore go-to L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara and my department store splurge Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara. Both of these flutter-fillers gave my lashes amazing length without the assistance of an eyelash curler. L’Oreal’s waterproof formula is seriously made to last, making it not only perfect for the beach, but also a true sweat-impeder. Admittedly, the waterproof formula can be a bit difficult to remove even with the aid of a makeup remover, but if you’re seeking resilience in the face of sweltering heat, this can be overlooked.


Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara’s tapered brush gave the perfect amount of volume and kept my lashes clump-free. Since it’s not waterproof, the coating on my bottom lashes ran a little in the extreme heat, but it’s nothing that I couldn’t fix.

After my vacation, I didn’t run back to my normal makeup routine for an entire week. There was something so freeing about feeling like I could take a little break. The phrase “less is more” took on a new meaning for me.

Now that my tan has faded, bronzer and blush have resurfaced in my routine. Soon I’ll be adding a fall palette of deep, rich hues, but as I prep for fall, I have a newfound appreciation for the simpler side of beauty. —Jillian E. Sorgini

What is the one makeup item you can’t live without when you strip down your beauty?


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