Service Scout: Lashing Out At Home Wednesday 17 October, 2012

Lash extensions applied in the comfort of your own home? Lashfully’s Lash Concierge service does just that!

In a world where you can stock-up on groceries, get your copy of the latest bestseller and snag your must-have fall wardrobe pieces without so much as venturing out of the house, it should come as no surprise that pro-beauty treatments are coming to an apartment near you. Don’t get me wrong; I’m willing to trek miles for a good cut/color/blowout/etc., but when I discovered I could have eyelash extensions done in the comfort of my living room, I was more than happy to skip the time-suck known as L.A. traffic.


(After my Lashfully service, I’m pretty much ready to rule the world.)

Already a Lashfully devotee, I was delighted to discover that top lash artist Courtney Casgraux recently launched the brand’s “lash concierge” service, in which extension pros come to your abode so that you don’t have to venture to Lashfully’s Beverly Hills or Newport Beach locations (there are also locations in Walnut Creek and San Francisco). Courtney arrived at my apartment, lash kit in hand, toting a collapsible treatment table. Without so much as batting an expertly placed eyelash, she quickly set up shop beside my couch.


(Courtney sets up shop in my apartment within minutes of arriving.)

Initially, I thought it might feel a little weird to have such an extensive service (a full set can take anywhere from 90 to 150 minutes to apply) done in my own home, but I was delighted at how comfortable and relaxed I felt laying barefoot on the treatment table as Courtney went to work. (Though certainly some treatments should remain in the salon…bikini waxes, for instance).

So besides being totally convenient, here is what you should know about Lashfully:

My full Lashfully lash application took about an hour and twenty minutes (during which I was nearly knocked-out thanks to a hard day at the office and 80 minutes spent horizontal). Since I had previously permed my lashes, Courtney opted to splice in straight lash extensions, which she carefully placed between my natural lashes, in order to create super-lush, thick-appearing lashes. The extensions typically last about two to three weeks before a touch-up (known as a “fill”) is needed, provided you properly care for them (i.e., don’t get your batters wet for a good 24 hours post-service; avoid the use of mascara, heavy eye creams, direct heat and oil-based makeup remover; and brush your lashes every day to ensure they stay in place).


(A full lash application can take up to 150 minutes! But it’s well worth it when you realize you can cut down on your primping time day after day.)

The bottom line? “Lashfully specializes in lash extensions that promote keeping your natural lashes healthy,” says Courtney. “Lashfully also offers a variety of over 70 types of lashes so I can create the perfect set for each individual.”

But here’s the best part (in my humble opinion): As long as you’re rocking extensions, there’s no need for mascara…like, ever! I confess there are times I even skip eye makeup altogether since the lashes really make my eyes pop all on their own. But when I pair them with makeup, they are insane! And addictive…

Obviously treatments like this are an indulgence. But if you’re going to indulge, shouldn’t it be in the most convenient way possible?

Interested in trying out Lashfully? Visit for the list of services, including the Lash Concierge. —Jillian Gordon


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  • Clare says:

    OMG– that is so cool. I love how you can get your lashes done right at home. I wonder if there is a parlor that offers home service too.

    By the way, how long do you Lashfully extensions last? Thanks a bunch! X

  • admin says:

    Hi Clare, Jillian says, “I would say I was fine for about a full 3 weeks before needing to go in again!”


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