Pro Logic: Raychel Wade Shares Her Tips on Makeup Organization Tuesday 25 September, 2012

Makeup over-packing is one of my many flaws. But with the proper guidance from makeup-streamlining pro Raychel Wade, there’s hope for even the worst beauty hoarders out there.

The night before my now not-so-recent trip to Idaho, I Instagrammed (and Tweeted) an image of all of the lipsticks and lip glosses I was packing for a three-day trip. The sum total: 15. And it’s quite possible there were more stashed in my purse. I’m a chronic over-packer by nature (especially when it comes to jeans), and though I travel often, I haven’t learned how to pare down to the bare essentials. Good thing that for every disorganized, clutter-hoarding person like myself there is a person who knows the art of streamlining. One such person: Raychel Wade, La Praire global colour ambassador and founder/creator of Cheek To Chic, a one-on-one service in which Raychel identifies a woman’s makeup “personality,” edits her makeup bag to rid her of both old and unnecessary items, and plugs in any gaping beauty holes she may find. I pressed her for her expertise on organizing the chaos of a makeup hoarder like myself, how to pack when you want to bring EVERYTHING, and why disorganization and clutter can detract from beauty, while organization can benefit it.


Fear No Beauty: I’d love to know: How did you first get into becoming an organization/streamline pro?

Raychel Wade: It was sort of, dare I say, an organic process. When I first started Cheek to Chic I was very focused on getting women to use the right products through personal makeup shopping and lessons. And with that comes organizing what they already own so that they can better use it.


FNB: With makeup disorganization, what becomes the biggest problem for the person?

RW: They have no idea what they own. (Editor’s note: So true.) Products sit for months and sometimes years collecting dust and taking up valuable space. If it’s old, it needs to go. If you bought it for New Year’s ’09, it needs to go. There’s a lot of that sort of thing happening to the best of us!


FNB: When you consult with the person, what do you ask them? I assume it hinges largely on lifestyle.

RW: Of course the first thing I want to know is what do they wear every day? Often women will have drawers and drawers of product and what they actually use is a very modest little pile. (Editor’s note: Again, guilty as charged!) I want to know how much time they have in the morning to get ready; where they get ready (do they tote it all to the gym?); and how different do they want their look to be at night or on special occasions. Then we dive into the actual products. But I really tailor every session to what I intuit the client to need. It’s important to know this. If a woman is a natural beauty, I am not going to push her to keep 15 lip liners.


(The 15 lip products I packed for a three-day trip to Idaho.)

FNB: Is there an overarching theme to makeup disorganization? Are people prone to be pack rats (me)? Or do they keep accumulating things because they think they need them, but they really don’t?

RW: After so many years doing this, I definitely see trends. The biggest are the GWPs (Gift With Purchase). It’s amusing that women are more likely to keep a lipstick because it was free but donate last year’s cashmere to Goodwill. Those GWPs pile up very quickly and then it looks like they own a lot. But in reality, it’s not even the right shade for them!


FNB: Does makeup organization positively impact the person? I have to imagine it does…

RW: Yes! It totally frees you up mentally. It’s strange, but I think you behave differently out in the world when you have more space in your life—no matter what that is. There’s a huge emotional and psychological component to what I do.


FNB: Do you find that women are able to stay organized after you work with them?

RW: I do. We often stay in touch and when they are ready to buy more products, we make another session to make sure they get only what they need. Makeup shopping with me might cost a little extra, but women constantly tell me that it saves them in the long run.


FNB: Where do you think being disorganized comes from? (For me, I look at my own disorganization as a sort of backlash to a childhood spent cleaning my room daily.)

RW: I think everyone has their own reasons. Sometimes it’s something deep and sometimes it’s just lack of space. We all lead busy lives and the makeup drawer has no choice but to take a back seat.


“I think you behave differently out in the world when you have more space in your life, no matter what that is.”


FNB: Now, you saw my infamous lipstick/lip gloss packing picture. Strangely enough, I’m only a makeup over-packer when it comes to lip products. What would your advice be to someone like me?

RW: Ha! I’m the opposite. Two lip glosses and that’s it! Personally, on my last few trips I paid close attention to what makeup I actually wore and it was so much less than I packed. I use that as a simply guideline. It’s amazing what you don’t need.


FNB: I’ll have to try that next time. How do you pack makeup strategically? What are your top three tips?

RW: One: Put things in small containers. If you use a loose powder, transfer it to a small vile. Two: Choose products that do double-duty, like a lip stain that works on the cheeks. Three: Invest in an eye shadow palette. I’m not a fan of these in general, but for trips they’re perfect.


FNB: If a person is packing their makeup for a trip, and they start to over-pack and aren’t sure what to take out, what should they do?

RW: You know, it’s not a bad idea to keep a little bag packed for trips that is only for trips. I do this for both makeup and toiletries. They live in cute little bags in my linen closet and when I pack, I grab and toss them into my suitcase. But, until the day that happens (or while you’re curating that), it comes down to two simple questions: As you put that third berry-shaded gloss in your bag, will I really wear this? Will I miss it if I don’t have it? Most times the answer is NO.


  Ask a friend to help you organize. We need another set of eyes when we clean out our closets; the same goes for makeup!


FNB: I am definitely employing these tips next time I pack, though I do fear I will miss certain lip products if I pare them down. Any other tips you’d like to share?

RW: Spend the extra time to organize. If you can’t afford to hire someone, then ask a friend. We need another set of eyes when we clean out our closets to assure we don’t look like fools in those ugly sale boots from ages ago. Same goes for makeup!


FNB: As part of my blog, I like to empower women to be “fearless” with their beauty. This doesn’t simply mean wear glitter and neon; it means not placing any restrictions on themselves. If they want to try something, they should. That being said, I always ask this question of the beauty pros: What does fearless beauty mean to you?

RW: Good question! I always say, “It’s just makeup. You can wash it off.” Makeup should be an expression and extension of who you are. I always love seeing a woman who has a signature bright lip and it looks like she was born wearing it. And, this is what I believe the most: Don’t get lost behind your makeup. It’s an expression, not a cover-up!


FNB: …and, how can we be fearless with our organization?

RW: Women have a hard time parting with product. Don’t be afraid. I promise you, the stores will welcome you with open arms to find something shiny and new to replace that old glittery, silver shadow you threw away!


Check out Raychel’s site, Cheek to Chic, for more info on her services.

Now, all you fearless beauties out there: When was the last time you organized your makeup?

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