Pro Logic: Perfect Cat Eye Tips from Makeup Artist Kelley Quan Wednesday 24 October, 2012

Makeup artist Kelley Quan teaches me the art of the perfect cat eye, and introduces me to the coolest beauty gadget: the Pocket Spa.

When I visited Danka Panka salon for the T3 Runway to Reality event last week, I had been out all day, flitting from meeting to meeting by foot, which completely sucks the life out of me. By the time I got to the salon, I felt—and looked—worse for wear. No matter; when I met makeup artist Kelley Quan, she was able to revive my skin and makeup with very little effort.

Kelley was officially on hand to help recreate looks from the Spring 2013 runways, but since I already had gobs of makeup on (as I am want to do), we decided on just freshening me up. The first step to that: Kelley Quan Pocket Spa. Now, let me try and describe this little piece of heaven: It emits a superfine mist of either water or floral hydrants that feels icy cold and soothing on the face and immediately hydrates skin. Powered by AAA batteries, the Pocket Spa’s mist is set to a timer that will turn off when the cycle is done. What’s special about this mist: Because it’s so darn fine, it’s able to quickly and seamlessly absorb into your skin without affecting your makeup. Kelley told me she created it because the facial mists she’d come into contact with were simply too wet; spritzing them on over makeup always mussed the look. She wanted a mist that would be great for use pre-makeup, post-makeup and pretty much any time of day you desire.


She also told me you can use the Pocket Spa to clear up a stuffy nose or to hydrate brittle hair. Multipurpose? Love!

After the Pocket Spa bliss, Kelley joojed up my makeup using her new Vegan Beauty Brushes, which feel amazingly soft (as opposed to some synthetic brushes out there). As she talked about the long quest to find synthetic hairs that feel plush and lush, but also perform (picking up pigment, easy to clean, won’t shed, etc.), I found myself confiding my beauty problems to her. The dilemma: my cat eye. I’ve been having issues with 1) laying down an evenly hued cat eye, and 2) getting the angle of the wing correct. Kelley instructed me to show her how I draw my liner; she assumed I was using my left hand to do my left eye and my right hand for my right eye. She’s correct! “That’s the problem,” she told me. “The way your hand is positioned causes the line to naturally slope downward. But, if you use your left hand for your right eye and vice-versa, the way your hand will move will naturally draw the wing upward.” She called it cross-body drawing, and I have to admit: She’s right. Stand in front of a mirror and mimic the movements of drawing cross body. You’ll be amazed. But just because she’s right, doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, I’m still teaching my brain how to do it; my dominate hand (left hand) doesn’t really want to do it, which has been frustrating (and strange). Re-training your brain to break your bad habits takes patience, but if it means not having to spend 10 minutes trying to perfect the angles of my wings, I’m down!


(Kelley Quan schools me in the proper way to draw on a cat eye as she touches up my makeup.)

For problem #1, uneven application, how you hold the liner also comes into play. Since I use a liquid liner with a felt tip, the fact that my hand is typically angled so that the tip is flat and not angled downward causes issues. “The ink well inside the pen isn’t able to deposit ink into the tip because you don’t have it angled down as you draw,” Kelley told me. Point the pen down as you line your eye and all should be solved.

It’s the little tweaks and tips like this that will have me saving time and effort—and now I’m passing them on to you!

Check out Kelley Quan’s Pocket Spa and Vegan Beauty Brushes at

How do you draw on your cat eye? Do you struggle like me?

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(Second image: Rachel Scroggins)


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