Pro Logic: Make Up For Ever Remixes My Makeup Bag Monday 25 March, 2013

Wanting to introduce new staple makeup products into my routine, I visited Make Up For Ever’s traveling Make Up Bag Remix Tour for some much-needed guidance.

You’d think that because of the fact that I’m a beauty editor by trade, I’d constantly use different makeup items in my regular routine, right? Wrong. Like any other woman, I develop a “crush” on certain products that I know perform well for me, and then I have a hard time rotating them out to make room for new ones. So, attending the NYC stop on the Make Up For Ever Make Up Bag Remix Tour seemed like a good idea, not because I really need a revamp of my makeup bag, but because I need to try new staples.


(A wall of remixed makeup junkies!)

I brought my core makeup products—those ones I use day in and day out—and settled into a chair with Kelly, my makeup bag remixer. First, we discussed my concerns: Namely, the fact that I have the oiliest skin on earth, and no matter what I use, it always looks greasy. I can’t escape it, and I’ve tested out many mattifying foundations with the same outcome: still greasy on the forehead, but very dry, and therefore tight-feeling, everywhere else. Kelly introduced me to Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation in #45, which she applied with Brush 8N because it allows the formula to really sink into the skin. I was skeptical; I really never have good luck with matte formulas. But this one truly banished the beads of oil on my forehead for a good four to five hours without drying out my skin elsewhere. That’s progress!


(Kelly told me that many women brought their entire makeup collection—no joke—yet most kept the remixing to their makeup bags, like this woman.)

Kelly then set my skin with the brand’s new Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation, which you can change up for what you need: Apply it dry (as Kelly did for me), and you get matte, full coverage. If you want a satin finish with sheer coverage, apply it wet. Kelly did warn me that Pro Finish tends to apply darker than it looks, so she recommends buying a shade lighter.


(Me, after my makeup bag had been remixed!)

Then we moved on to my second concern: drawing my cat eye. Truthfully, I’m pretty decent at this, although one eye is always much, much harder to do (my right one, if you must know). I always use liquid liner, but Kelly pointed me to Make Up For Ever Aqua Creamliner. “It gives more of a velvety finish rather than a shiny, glossy one, like liquid eyeliners can do,” she told me, which one reason a makeup artist would choose one or the other. Then she taught me how to do a steady cat eye: Do it in three parts. Start at the middle and draw on the first section above your iris using an eyeliner brush. Then line the inner corner, connecting at the middle. Finally, line the outer 1/3 of your lashline, and create your wing by following your waterline. Yep, your waterline on the bottom lashline is what should dictate the angle of your wing. Try it: It works.


Finally, I deviated from the “staple makeup” route and asked Kelly for something a little bit more specialty: a matte purple-y magenta hue for my lips—a color and finish I’ve been having problems locating on the market. Sadly, Make Up For Ever doesn’t have this hue yet (please make one! Hint, hint…), but Kelly mixed me one using the Flash Color Palette—a must-have for any makeup buff.

When I left with my the new staple additions to my makeup bag, I felt confident I’d use them a few times a week. And, guess what? The Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation is my daily foundation. LOVE IT!

Does your makeup bag need a remix? Check out the mobile Make Up For Ever Make Up Bag Remix Tour dates and make your appointment!

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