Pro Logic: Fake a Whiter Smile with Lipstick Wednesday 06 November, 2013


Want instantly whiter teeth? Fake teeth whitening by wearing the right lipstick and lip gloss shades.

Oh my gosh, my smile: It’s getting dimmer and dimmer with each cup of coffee I guzzle, each glass of wine I down. And when I wear some red lipsticks—oy vey! What I see in the mirror and what I see in photos are two very different pictures. Snapshots of my teeth show that my grin is yellowing at a rapid rate, and some of my lipstick hues aren’t helping the matter. Nowhere was this more apparent than my recent foray into television when I appeared on NBC News 4 New York. I watched my lips part, and I was horrified.

But guess what? Some lip shades actually make your teeth look whiter! They almost act like instant teeth whitening … just minus the trays and bleach. Whether your teeth are yellowing, graying or simply losing their luster, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Sands has the 411 on how to make those pearly whites look even brighter and healthier with the proper lipstick hues.


No-Fade Shade No. 1: Wine

Kind of shocking that wine stains on lips act completely the opposite of wine staining your teeth. But it’s true: Dr. Sands reports that wine is the shade that is most flattering to your personal porcelain. Why? The hue allows white to reflect off it and create a contrast that is brighter and whiter.


No-Fade Shade No. 2: Gloss

Technically, “gloss” isn’t a shade, but who cares? As a texture, it’s tops for teeth. According to Dr. Sands, glossy nude lips reflect against graying enamel, creating an illusion that teeth are shinier than they are.


No-Fade Shade No. 3: Blue-Based Red

Not all reds are created equal. I now know that when looking at photos where I’m wearing a red lipstick that does absolutely nothing for my teeth. In fact, I’ve seen a few snaps of myself where my teeth looked like I’d forgotten to brush for years. Ick. The problem: If you select coral reds, tomato shades or anything with yellow or orange undertones, these hues will play up the yellow in teeth. In contrast, blue-based reds actually counteract the yellow found in enamel, instantly making teeth appear whiter.


Sadly, if you dig pale pinks, frosted finishes and even mattes (sob!), Dr. Sands says these formulas tend to accentuate stains and make teeth look dull. Naturally, lipstick hues are a quick cosmetic fix; they only help provide the illusion of whiter teeth. To truly get your grin glowing, Dr. Sands leaves you with these teeth whitening tips:

Go Sonic: Invest in a Sonicare brush; they really do work to exfoliate stains from teeth.

Flossed and Glossed: Utilize a whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash. And if you haven’t already, add a whitening floss into the mix.

Strip Tooth: Whitening strips for home use are great for in-between professional stain treatments.

Stay Away from Dark Drinks: Avoid coffee, teas, red wine and colas; they (sadly) stain teeth.

An Apple a Day: Chomp on apples to help keep teeth healthy and bright.

I won’t be chucking my orange-red lip hues (I have a new custom-made one that I can’t wait to blog about), but I will be cognizant of the fact that if my teeth are yellowing, this may only heighten the problem. Since I want to wear whatever lipstick I darn well please, I better get on Dr. Sands’ teeth whitening tips—stat!

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