Pro Logic: Mad Men Stylist Terrie V. Owen Dishes on Betty Draper’s ‘Do Plus Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection Monday 26 March, 2012

With the Season Five premiere of Mad Men now behind us, let’s revel in the beauty of it all: Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection of makeup is out, and the show’s hair department stylist Terrie V. Owen schools you on how to get that Betty Draper hairdo.

Last night my husband’s and my breath were baited—as in, we were waiting with baited breath to watch the Season Five premiere of Mad Men. For us, that show is pure magic: understated, full of swagger, a visual feast, smart, etc. Like many Mad Men devotees, we felt slighted when the show went on hiatus for-ever, and having Don Draper and Co. rejoin our lives felt so good. The first episode didn’t disappoint: The swinging ’60s party (and, my god—the new Mrs. Draper’s many, many faboo outfits! That black mini dress? Want.), the inter-office power struggles, Joan’s acerbic mom (and, of course, her baby): pure gold.

So a post about Mad Men beauty is priority No. 1 for me. I’d been holding on to the Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection news like a moron; I should have posted it awhile ago, but things happen. The two-piece collection, which includes Cherry Lipstick and Evening Rose Creme Rouge, is cased in custom-designed scalloped gold packaging based off of the brand’s product design from the ’60s. Can’t you envision Joan applying a slick of Cherry Lipstick prior to telling Roger Sterling to kiss off? Or Peggy…well, Peggy seems like she doesn’t much care for makeup, but maybe she’d spike her cheeks with some Evening Rose Creme Rouge before a big client pitch. The limited edition collection is available at Bloomingdales and starting this month for a limited time, and a second collection will launch with the Season Six premiere in 2013 (barring there’s no more extended leaves of absence, Mad Men!).

On another note, Mad Men hair department stylist Terrie V. Owen wants you to know how you too can be like January Jones‘ character Betty Draper (or, at least look like her, because, let’s be honest, who would want to be that sour puss, am I right?).

What you’ll need:

* Small metal or plastic clips to hold your curls

* Setting spray (Terrie recommends White Sands Liquid Texture Thermal Styling Spray)

* Medium sized hot rollers or a 3/4 inch curling iron

* Medium hold creme product like Bumble and bumble Grooming Creme

* Hairspray

Step 1: Part the hair on the side you want it to be and section the hair parallel to the side part in small sections. Spray with your setting spray, and then curl each piece toward the face. “Make sure you take small sections that are neat and tidy, and curl the entire head,” Terrie says.

Step 2: Clip your curls in place using small clips. “This is important: Do this before you move to the next section,” Terrie says.

Step 3: To set with hot rollers, section pieces of hair, and spray each section with your setting spray. Make sure to set the rollers parallel to the side part. Place rollers throughout the sides and back of the whole head.

Step 4: Let the hair cool off before you brush it out. “This helps the set to last longer,” Terrie explains.

Step 5: Brush hair straight down with a quality natural bristle brush. “I use a Mason Pearson brush. Brushes are important because a plastic vent brush doesn’t give the same effect,” Terrie explains. Brush into a smooth style.

Step 6: Emulsify your medium hold creme product in your hands, and then, using your fingertips, emphasize and push the waves into place.

Step 7: Lock your style into place with hairspray. “You can also modernize this style by just using your fingers to style your hair instead of a brush; this allows you to get more of a textured, piece-y look,” Terrie says.

So now that you can fake a flush and do your hair like the gals of Mad Men, will you be going retro with your beauty?

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(Photos: courtesy of Estée Lauder; courtesy of Lionsgate)


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