Pretty Peek: NARS Guy Bourdin Collection Tuesday 01 October, 2013

Sneak a peek at the newest NARS collaboration, NARS Guy Bourdin, which pays homage to the late fashion photographer’s provocative imagery and seductive use of color.

I was introduced to Guy Bourdin‘s work by a photographer friend; we even shot a story together that featured an image somewhat inspired by the late fashion photographer’s work. There is something very erotic and mysterious about his imagery; it feels very voyeuristic (with the viewer as voyeur) and even, from time to time, dangerous. The glimpse you get of Guy’s girls is a frozen moment that perhaps wasn’t meant to be shared, but here it is, dressed in saturated hues that feel both lively and haunting. Guy’s images stay with you long after you see them. He was a master provocateur—in the best way possible.


(This image is from a shoot I did for my now-defunct digital mag, Beauty Etc.; Guy Bourdin inspired this particular shot.)

And they stayed with NARS founder and creative director François Nars, who, as a child flipped through the pages of French Vogue, spied the titillating images of Guy Bourdin, and decided that he, too, wanted to be part of the magic. Guy was his catalyst. All these years later (and with his own successful makeup line, as well as career as a top makeup artist and photographer), François is debuting the NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Color Collection (available starting October 15 at Brimming with vivid hues that are just as seductively suggestive as the lacquered slash of color across Guy’s models’ lips, it’s a collection that will have both makeup obsessives and fashion photography fans scooping it up.

There are several standouts in the collection, but here are the ones that caught my fearless eye.


I feel like I’m panting when I look at this blush. How damn hot is that? The color is called Coeur Battant, and it’s a brazen magenta that I can see painting chiseled hollows of a Guy Bourdin model’s cheeks. His models often flushed a brighter shade of fuchsia, which plays to the erotic nature of his heroines.


Short Circuit, a fiery coral, is such a sunny hue for the ensuing winter months, no? It’s also sex served on a platter. It really is.


I love all things blue, and I’m getting back into the groove of creating smoky eyes using vivid jewel tones. This Cinematic Eyeshadow, called Wishful Thinking, will be the perfect medium to send off sultry smoke signals with some vibrancy.


Deep breaths: This is beautiful. Beyond. Beautiful. I’m really starting to get sucked into the opaque cream fuchsia nail movement, and why not? You can use it as a base to the following accent colors: black, white, gold, silver, teal, turquoise, hot orange, peach, lime green, navy. Do you see where I’m going here? This one is called Follow Me, and yes, I will follow you.


And now we come to the Gifting part of all this (available November 1 in department stores and NARS does gift sets often (remember these Andy Warhol doozies?), and for the NARS Guy Bourdin collection, it’s no different. I only selected to feature this gifting set, called “Fling,” not entirely because of the contents (two mini Velvet Matte Lip Pencils and two Lipsticks—which are pretty in their own right), but because of this….



I want to have a fling with this lip case. Isn’t it amazing? The Fling set comes packaged in this lacquered lip case, which comes packaged in this…

NARS-Guy-Bourdin-Collection-Fling-PackagingWhich gives you a taste of just how stylistically genius Guy really was.

The collection will be available starting October 15; the gifting sets will go on sale November 1. Make room in your budget to scoop up a few—or all.

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