Pretty Peek: MAC Extra Dimension Friday 23 March, 2012

The new MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow and Skinfinish promises to glide on like liquid silk, bringing a whole new dimension to your makeup.

Well, hello there, beautiful, beautiful embossed MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows and Skinfinishes! Welcome to our world. I have to admit: I have a massive soft spot for embossed powders. There’s just something so darn pretty about them—almost to the point where you don’t want to use them for fear of messing their gorgeousness. They’re like a work of art. I cannot bear to muss up my art.

And here we have a lovely assortment of embossed beauts—but let’s move beyond the cool patterns and get to the meat of them: The formula is an entirely new liquid-powder hybrid that imparts a prismatic finish that sculpts and highlights skin creating “extra dimension.” Get it? Now, what exactly is this liquid-powder hybrid? Well, it’s described as “creamy, silky and near-fluid”—sounds like a medium that would mold to skin in a highly pigmented, rich way.

 MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish

Extra Dimension Skinfinish comes in three glistening colors (above, left to right): Whisper of Gilt (soft white gold); Superb (peach nude with multidimensional shimmer); and Glorify (copper with golden shimmer).

 MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow will be available in 10 fulgent hues, starting with (above, left to right): Young Venus (pale white pink metallic); Blue Orbit (light iridescent purple); Warm Thunder (dirty silver grey); Modern Pewter (dirty olive gold); and Sweet Heat (bright peach champagne)…

 MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadows

…And ending with (above, left to right): Havana (dirty copper brown); Grand Galaxy (dirty mid-tone violet); Lunar (royal blue metallic);  Rich Core (dirty aubergine); and Dark Dare (glowing charcoal black).

 MAC Extra Dimension Beauty Shot

And no MAC collection is complete without a gorgeous campaign image, in which it appears my personal favorite of the Eye Shadow bunch, Lunar, is sculpting the model’s eye with some assistance from Grand Galaxy.

Extra Dimension is limited edition, so get them while you can at MAC stores and starting April 5.

Are you ready to try out these shimmering liquid-power hybrids?

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