Pretty Peek: Face Lace Friday 30 March, 2012

With the introduction of artfully ornate Face Lace adhesives, the beauty world welcomes a way to get avant-garde beauty—in an instant.

Recently, when I was talking shop with Illamasqua creative director Alex Box, she noted that the future of makeup innovation—as she sees it—will center around 3-D appliqués. We’ve certainly seen interesting takes on this idea: On the runway, makeup artist Pat McGrath has used everything from plastic to paper to adorn models’ eyebrows (mostly in Christian Dior shows); most recently, we saw sequins ingeniously cut in half and glued to the upper and lower lids at Givenchy. And then there’s what’s already hit the market: Dior Beauty Velvet Eyes Backstage Eyeliners-To-Wear Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches makes mastering an artful eyeliner flick much easier—you don’t even have to wield a pencil!—and the intricate paper-cut eyelashes from Paperself allow women to bat everything from the London skyline to mini horses on their lashes. I even did a photo shoot for Beauty Etc. in which I asked the makeup artist, Sheri Darilyn Terry, to think outside the box in terms of finishes and textures, and she ended up cutting electrical tape and art tape to create super-cool eyeliner effects.

 Face Lace Eye Lace

So the introduction of Face Lace seems to be ushering in this future of makeup even quicker than I had thought would happen. If you’re looking to graft an elaborate design onto your brows, lids or cheeks, Face Lace provides gorgeous, pre-cut, hypoallergenic adhesives that come in 15 different designs, ranging from labyrinthine masks to fluttery brow enhancers. The brain behind the latticework, makeup artists Phyllis Cohen (known as the “Face Fanatic”), says she created Face Lace to answer peoples’ plea, “I wish I could do makeup like you!” And Phyllis has quite the background: She started as an illustrator and has an MA in Fine Art; in the ’80s, when makeup was decidedly more devil-may-care flashy, she built her career as a makeup maestro, tending to such famous faces as David Bowie and Boy George. Currently, she works with beauty dark horses, like Daphne Guinness (who surely will be donning some of these Face Lace masks next time she’s snapped.)

 Face Lace Menhdoodles

When drafting the designs, Phyllis drew her inspiration from French lace, Mehndi, ironwork and calligraphy, and also paid special attention to the planes of the face, ensuring that once the design is stuck, it flatters every angle.

 Face Lace Playsheet

Now, you might think these adhesives are strictly stick-and-go with no room for play; they are pre-cut, after all, so you’re locked-in to the design. This is mostly true: “Laces” (the ornate masks), “Eye Laces” (built for brows and under eyes) and “Mehndoodles” (can be placed anywhere) aren’t meant for cutting up. (Though you could—but why would you want to?) But, to allow for ultimate customization, “Playsheets” are offered, which feature smaller pattern pieces that you can mix, match, connect and combine for a personalized design.

Thanks to pop icons Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj (hell, even Kesha), makeup experimentation has been revived to the extent that the everyday layman may still ogle a makeup oddity, but not because they haven’t seen it in a music video or on a Grammys red carpet. They’re just not as open-minded, but, like it or not, they are becoming a little more accustomed to the idea that makeup as an art form does exist. So perhaps seeing Face Lace on the streets wouldn’t be too far of a stretch. But I’m willing to bet those who will be scooping up these works of art—mainly, makeup artists working on editorial photos—will be looking to create their own masterpieces off the streets and in the studio. Either way, sidewalk or on set, Face Lace’s innovation is undeniable and a great addition to the beauty enclave. You can grab yours beginning March 31 (tomorrow!) at

Would you stick on these scrolling beauties?

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