Pretty P.O.V.: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Friday 21 September, 2012

A recommendation to try Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation leads me to a product that evens my skin tone and texture without fully covering it.

I love it when people recommend beauty products to me because, I have to say, it doesn’t happen nearly enough. I am usually the one doling out advice! So when my first “Getting Real” subject, Natalie Garber, divulged that she is head-over-heels for Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, my interest was piqued. She told me, “It’s expensive, but I noticed hours after applying it, my skin still looks good, so it’s worth it.” Sold!

Now, I’ve never been shy about admitting that I am a full-coverage type of girl. So the whole concept behind No Foundation Foundation, sheer coverage, frightens me a bit. And the fact that it comes in exactly one hue also gives me pause. But here’s the thing: After I rubbed it into my clean skin, my skin tone evened out just enough. Sure, I needed some more spot-treatment coverage, which I accomplished with the brand’s No Concealer Concealer, but that translucent layer of “no foundation” foundation lent my skin a certain seamless glow.


The glow, I come to find, is courtesy of light-scattering mica, which companies add to their products to help optically diffuse the appearance of fine lines and skin imperfections. For me, this dewy finish could be a bit much as I am a naturally oily chick-a-dee. I mean, when a photo is taken of me, my forehead reads as a bright, white light. I definitely need to matte my forehead with powder when wearing this product.

Coverage and dewiness aside, No Foundation Foundation is an anti-aging workhorse: It fights the hands of time by superficially tightening skin using DMAE, which in turn gives any fine lines a kick in the butt. Alpha Lipoic Acid works to even skin tone, smooth texture and fight free radicals. Finally, the formula boasts nonchemical (read: not absorbed into skin) SPF 30 broad spectrum UV protection, which as you know, is an absolute must for the face.

And that universal tone? Somehow it works—it just blends no matter what. During the summer when I was rocking a little bit of a natural tan, I wore No Foundation Foundation alone. But as my tan’s faded, I’ve begun using this skin-smoother more like a moisturizing-and-SPF base to my more full-coverage powder. And for me, that’s just fine. Some people love dewy; that’s just not me.

I have noticed that it applies a little sticky and can look extremely wet for the first few minutes after applying. Give it some time to settle before applying any powders—and I mean that: It takes a few minutes, so have patience. If you dust on any color powders right away, they may apply blotchy.

Overall, this has become my go-to sunscreen/moisturizer/base that I wear under powder as well as my at-home (when I don’t leave the house, but I want to not look like a ruddy wreck) perfecter. Thank you, Natalie, for turning me on to it!

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