Pretty P.O.V.: Mally Effortless Airbrush Nourishing Eyeshadow Wednesday 02 May, 2012

Stuck in an eye shadow rut of plums and purples, Jillian Sorgini manages to pull herself out by way of Mally Effortless Airbrush Nourishing Eyeshadow in a neutral that’s anything but boring: Brightening Brown.

I’ve been stuck in an eye-makeup rut for quite some time. I’ve become a slave to my morning routine, mindlessly applying the same eye shadow and black eyeliner every A.M.—half the time not even looking in a mirror. During the workweek, this robotic maneuvering is understandable, but—I’ll admit—I’ve even succumbed to this absentee-making-up routine on the weekend.

I’ve made ample excuses. I don’t have time to try something new. What if I hate it? My makeup routine is so easy, why change it now? But excuses be damned. It’s a new season and a change is long overdue.

I swapped my tried-and-true plum hues for Mally Effortless Airbrush Nourishing Eyeshadow in Brightening Brown. I’m different than most; rather than find safety in neutrals, I favor more color via pink and purple shades. But Mally’s Brightening Brown is incredibly rich—not lackluster or plain, as some neutrals can be—and its luxe, shimmering pigment drew me in immediately.

 Mally Beauty Effortless Airbrush Eye Shadow

If the color wasn’t enough to break me out of my eye makeup rut, the python case and embossed shadow certainly did the trick. For a second, I almost thought that it was too pretty to use. But no more excuses—time to break free from the mindless makeup chains.

From the moment I applied the shadow using the supplied dual-end brush, the gorgeous hue instantly brightened my eyes, making them pop. I seriously couldn’t believe what a difference the shade made.

What’s great about Effortless Nourishing Airbrush Eyeshadow: The formula is neither a powder nor a cream, but rather a hybrid of the two that grants the benefits of both. It delivers cream’s hydrating, ultra-pigmented effects with a skip-free glide, but doesn’t feel heavy or settle into eyelid creases as some creams are wont to do. The long-lasting shadow allows an effortless, luminous glow—almost as though you airbrushed your lids.

As successful as my quest to turn my eye makeup routine around seemed to be shaping up, let it be known: Total change doesn’t happen over night, and once I finished both eyes, I still settled back into my requisite eyeliner and mascara—but, hey, some change is better than none. Needless to say, my eye-shadow rut is a thing of the past. Next up: colored eyeliner. And, why not? Since changing my shadow color was so eye-opening (in more ways than one!), I can’t wait to see what changing my eyeliner will do!

Why you too should have no fear: Steering away from your tried-and-true colors is more liberating than you would think. You don’t have to dive right in with neons—though more power to you if you do. Start with a subtle shade; maybe swap your plum for an olive, pink for gold. Eye shadow is a simple, and often eye-enhancing way to change your entire look. Now dig yourself out of that rut! Jillian Sorgini

(Photo: Jonathan Ori)


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