Pretty P.O.V.: Make Up For Ever Eye Prime Friday 03 August, 2012

Make Up For Ever Eye Prime grabs color—and won’t let go—ensuring your eye shadow and eyeliner designs are budge-proof, more intense and absolutely gorgeous.

Until yesterday, I had been using a drugstore black liquid liner—in misery. I won’t throw the brand under the bus by naming it, but suffice to say, everything a liquid liner should be, it wasn’t. At the beginning, it had a somewhat sturdy felt tip that was somewhat pointed (the “point” was actually more rounded and big). Precise, thin lines were impossible to draw, so I always had to have my handy dandy Q-tips lying next to me to refine my line. The liquid didn’t cling quickly, and sometimes the tip would “skip” on my skin, leaving little blank spots to fill in. Sometimes it would run, finding other parts of my eye area on which to set up camp. As time went by and my muttering, swearing and anger started to seep into my makeup routine, I realized: Hey, I gave this eyeliner a fair shake, and in doing so, it fell apart on me. The nib became duller, rounder; my lines became thicker, harder to fill in. I was taking more precious time—my time—because of this eyeliner. Not cool.

But, about two weeks before I decided to allow it to pass on to the other side (my trashcan), I tested out Make Up For Ever’s Eye Prime. One thing you should know about MUFE: When the brand says something is “waterproof,” they bloody mean it. Eyeliner, eye creams, you name it: They. Stay. Put. So imagine if they release an eye primer that’s whole purpose in life is to ensure your eye makeup doesn’t budge? That is Eye Prime’s main mission, and it delivers on it in spades.

 Make Up For Ever Eye Prime benefits

Eye Prime is a very slight nude hue, which helps to zero-out any discoloration you may have on your eyelids (most of us do have some, be it veins or whatnot). Once I swish it on with the doe tip applicator, I like to use my forefinger and gently spread it where needed and then pat it in. MUFE says that the formula blends into skin instantly—this is true—but it also dries almost as instantaneously, so do your finger-blending as fast as possible. Make sure to apply a thin layer; too thick and you’ll be washing it off and reapplying, trust me.

What’s great about Eye Prime: It grabs color—and then intensifies it. Bonus points for the fact that it ensures your shadow doesn’t crease throughout the day. BUT…it grabs color, so you need to A) make sure you laid down the primer as seamlessly and even as possible over the work area you desire, and B) move pretty fast when you are blending your eye design. Sometimes Eye Prime grabs a hold and won’t let go in one spot (typically due to user error), and you find your shadow is slightly darker there. No worry; I found that with a little more forceful blending, I could remedy this situation.

Some eye primers can feel drying; MUFE has formulated Eye Prime to include waxes and fixing polymers that do reduce oiliness on the lid, but don’t completely sap your lids of moisture.

So what does this all have to do with my liquid eyeliner sob story? Well, once I had MUFE Eye Prime in my life, I started using a technique where I applied it just at my lash line. After allowing it to sink in, I’d set to work with my crap eyeliner. And it was as if my eyeliner had been reborn. It didn’t skip anymore. It laid down color seamlessly. And it never ran. I attended my great friends’ Peter and Andy’s wedding (pictures above…taken late, late, late night), and I was able to dance and be silly—and my eyeliner never budged. It is as though Eye Prime gave this eyeliner a second lease on life. The only thing: Eye Prime couldn’t fix the eyeliner’s awful felt tip. So, the eyeliner had to go. But Eye Prime? It’s still very much in my life, ready to make all of my other eye makeup better versions of themselves.

Make Up For Ever Eye Primer is available at

Do you use an eye primer? Which one?

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